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Custom Android Development

Custom Android Development

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custom android development_CoherentSolutions
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Android application development | full circle

Coherent Solutions creates commercial grade apps for Android that can further your company’s multi-platform, multi-device strategy. Coherent offers full life cycle Android development services including mobile architecture, development, testing, deployment and maintenance.
We see Coherent as an integral piece of that. They have talented, empowered engineers who offer their ideas and opinions and are recognized as part of our development team. It’s a good relationship that we intend to continue as we grow and diversify. Dave Morehouse | VP of Engineering at Jingit

We’re Technology Ninjas

Leverage full lifecycle development services using a wide variety of technologies

Android applications that function reliably

Coherent’s Android application development services allow for the development of native Android applications that function reliably across the most popular devices and form factors in the Android device ecosystem.

Success Story Spotlight

Life Time Fitness_android app development_success story_CoherentSolutions
LiquidSpace_android app development_success story_CoherentSolutions

How we do it

Like anything that starts on a drawing board, developing software products takes planning, orchestrated execution and constant communication and quality checks.

Development Processes That Work

Coherent Solutions provides resources and expertise in an accountable process across the software lifecycle including system architecture definition, design, development, testing, DevOps, ongoing maintenance and enhancements. We can do it faster, more productively and at higher value than other service providers to meet or supplement your needs. Read more

Information Security

Coherent project teams work with your IT and InfoSec teams to assure that your specific security requirements are fully met.  We design a customized security plan for each client to anticipate issues and mitigate risk while addressing any potential security gaps. Read more

Full Stack Technology

Our goal is to help our customers create business opportunities and solve business problems through technology. With hundreds of developers and 20 years of experience as a company we’ve pretty much seen it all in technology. Read more

Software Development Delivered Globally, Managed Locally

We use a team of locally based Service Delivery Managers to enable a high level of connectedness between our customers and our development teams. Coherent’s Delivery Managers are accountable for the customer experience and focus on the only thing that matters — the customer’s success. Read more

Make applications flexible and convenient

Integrate mobile applications with cross-platform functionality to bring servers or the cloud to the device. Coherent Solutions is adept at full lifecycle development to create, integrate and leverage features in your applications and enterprise architectures that magnify business results.

Check out some of the apps we’ve built:

LiquidSpace_Custom iOS Development_CoherentSolutions
Wildflower_Custom iOS Development_CoherentSolutions
Life Time Fitness Health_Custom iOS Development_CoherentSolutions
Verde_Custom iOS Development_CoherentSolutions
Choice_Custom iOS Development_CoherentSolutions
CrunchTime_Group Fitness_Custom iOS Development_CoherentSolutions

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