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Igor Epshteyn

Igor Epshteyn

CEO and President

Igor has been an entrepreneur, technical architect, business strategist, and project manager in the information technology industry since 1988. As a teenager, Igor started and sold his first company in his native Belarus. As the founder of Coherent Solutions, Igor is responsible for its strategic management. Igor holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management and an MS in Electrical Engineering from the Minsk Institute of Radio Technology.

Global delivery’s growth is based on real world success

To stay competitive in the modern economy, companies are tasked with finding truly global solutions. From marketing, to sales, production and distribution, everything must now be multi-functional on a worldwide stage. The same is also increasingly true when companies are tasked with creating new software solutions. Today many companies seek a global delivery model to...

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Innovation is on Fire in Minnesota!

We are excited to sponsor the inaugural Minne Inno #50onFire event January 24th at the new WeWork space in Minneapolis. The fifty businesses or individuals that are being honored are the changemakers in our region willing to take the calculated risks and make the investment in their ideas and ultimately our economy.

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How to save a bundle with a cloud audit

Cloud services have become ubiquitous in the business world. Organizations from small to large have reduced risk and costs by outsourcing the purchase and management of computing and storage to public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google. The advantages of using the cloud to store data and manage business applications are many:


How did Minsk, Belarus become the “Silicon Valley” of Eastern Europe?

I get this question a lot. After all, many Americans could not find Minsk on a map, let alone describe its industrial base or economic strengths. But it’s true. Minsk is a powerhouse of software development capability, which is how we at Coherent Solutions are able to continue growing our development center there. The reasons...


8 Vital Tips For Software Product Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur with a great software product idea, you already know you’ve got plenty of challenges getting your product to market. Jumping one hurdle just brings you up against the next one. Financing, sales, marketing – it can make your head spin!