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Kami Holtz

Service Delivery Manager

Kami's experience is a unique blend of leading business and technical teams. Her expertise includes system engineering and development, operations, project management, security, consulting, and delivery. At Coherent Solutions, she leverages her strategic perspective of aligning business drivers and technical solutions to deliver software products and platforms. Kami holds an MBA in technical management from the University of Phoenix.

Native or Cross-Platform? A developers perspective on things to consider before entering the mobile market

The Mobile app market is growing exponentially every year. It spreads across many industries, from entertainment to healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce, and others, attracting billions of users by its simplicity and convenience. To keep up with this wild growth of competition, many businesses decide to advance their services by creating customer-facing mobile apps. If your business...


Blockchain for the Supply Chain

Playing the Telephone Game Can you remember when you were a kid playing the telephone game?  You’d start with a phrase or a few words and then you’d whisper it to the kid next to you.  This kept going until you got to the last kid and they announced confidently what they had heard.  Inevitably,...

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