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Data Developers

Our teams transform data concerning all aspects of your business to reveal the trends, opportunities, critical factors, and challenges unique to your business.
SQL Server Integration service
SQL Server
Hadoop Data developers
Neteeza Data Analysts
Redshift Data specialists
Build a flexible, scalable and reliable single source of truth in your organization that delivers standardized and intuitively modeled data for analysis purposes.


Leverage major cloud service providers like Amazon and Microsoft to provide flexibility in storing and processing large amounts of data.

Windows Azure Cloud platform

Full Technology Stack

  • Architecture to optimize data storage, access, organization, movement, quality, performance, and scalability
  • Data modeling to structure data for flexibility and fast access
  • Windows Azure Cloud platform utilizing Cloud Services, Virtual Machines, Virtual Networks, Caching,
  • Data integration to create consistent, relevant, and trustworthy data viewed across business units and subject areas through source-to-target mapping and ETL (extract, transform, load) development/management/replication management/tuning
Reporting, dashboards, Analytics through statistical modeling

Complete Development Lifecycle

  • Reporting, dashboards, and self-service to provide actionable information to support business objectives
  • Maintenance/support to enable and enhance data warehouse operations
  • Upgrades/migrations to advance or retool technical innovations while limiting operational risk
  • Analytics through statistical modeling, response forecasting, and other sophisticated techniques applied against structured and unstructured data

Hire Your Data Team

Coherent’s people are bright, engaged and ambitious… eager to solve problems. We knew we could rely on them to work through anything. Jayme McBride | Director of Data at Bluestem Brands

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