blockchainiconBlockchain is grabbing a lot of buzz in our industry lately, but your options for learning more about it can be surprisingly sparse. Sure, you can follow Bitcoin’s value on the market or download a whitepaper on the subject, but all these solutions really do is tell you what blockchain is and how fast it’s growing. What you really want to know is what it can do.

And you’re not alone.

Last week Coherent Solutions hosted the Blockchain: #Hashing Out the Details event in Minneapolis to showcase local companies actively utilizing blockchain technology in their markets. Here’s a quick synopsis of each of the presenters for you to read through and hopefully find inspiration for how blockchain could make an impact in your company.

Parking smarter

Our very own Kami Holtz provided guests with an explanation of the Coherent Smart Parking Lot, based on the Hyperledger Fabric framework. This solution demonstrates the use of blockchain technology in non-financial use cases and prototypes an intelligent parking solution that creates a trusted, decentralized management system for limited parking spaces. Perfect for multi-tenant office campus parking lots, blockchain technology allows you to park in peace.

Finding financial security

DeFiner’s stated mission is to advance financial trust, growth and simplicity through blockchain and Lance Logan and Jason Wu gave guests an inside look at how the company’s fully decentralized application (DApp) will provide a trusted marketplace for users worldwide to securely lend and borrow digital assets. Thanks to blockchain, however, what sets DeFiner apart from traditional lending solutions is the technology’s ability to eliminate custodial risk and middlemen interference by utilizing smart contracts to execute all lending agreements in a safe, effective manner.

A window into simplified content creation

WindowMirror’s Sean Fahey encouraged guests to rethink content through their new mobile content creation platform Butterfly. The solution provides a hands-free way to gather and curate thoughts, stories and feelings and enhance them through plug-and-play AI bots, all to refine, redesign and share the content in any way they choose. In addition, the Butterfly Decentralized App is an open source, DAO organized solution, using a SHA3 Hash Algorithm for chain transactions and a smart scalable off-chain solution for data storage, computation and speed — all at a scale that fits any need.

Helping in healthcare

Finally, Healy’s Lynn Smith shared with the audience how blockchain technology will allow her company to engage with healthcare in totally new ways by helping patients to build their own lifelong health record. Healy can then match community members with similar health profiles to work together and make insights for their own personal situation and across populations. Healy will be based on a public blockchain, providing patients full control over how and when their data is shared while helping them work more effectively with doctors, researchers and together as a community.

Creating your own blockchain story

Four different companies and four unique stories, all tied to the same technology. You can delve deeper into any of these individual cases by watching the presentations in the video below or by contacting us today. This year’s event was a huge success thanks to our presenters and guests and we can’t wait for our next event. We hope you’ll join us and share how you are moving your business forward with blockchain.