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Best Practices of Service Delivery Management

by Julia Gordeeva
in on Jul 30, 2015

Need soft skills to handle hard problems

Customers/owners of software development projects are like buyers of other services. They make purchasing decisions on hard skills and attributes, such as a provider’s experience, technical ability, and physical infrastructure.

While these are all measureable, ultimately they are just table stakes –basic building blocks to do the job. Much harder to measure, but just as important, are the soft skills a provider brings to the project. And yet, these skills make the difference between success and failure.

Some of these soft skills include:

  • Clear, transparent communication with all team members.
  • Managing across and up in an organization to maintain scope and expectations.
  • Asking good questions before, during and after each sprint.
  • Flexibility to adapt and manage change.
  • Adaptability with different people and personalities.

At Coherent Solutions, we recognize that our success can only come after yours. And the way we assure your success is through a highly developed delivery management system that includes:

  • An onshore Service Delivery Manager who has the autonomy and authority to “make it right” for his/her client.
  • Defined processes that include: a visual roadmap for the project; a release plan, showing what features will be delivered with each release; financial updates to keep the budget in check; quarterly engagement reviews to gather input and work toward continuous improvement.
  • Tools and responsibility for building teams, managing issues and delivering a best-in-class product.

While we consider Delivery Management to be a vital piece of our services, we don’t charge for our Delivery Managers’ time. We want clients to avail themselves of their Delivery Managers whenever and however they need. Because we know that in the end, client success = our success.

Julia Gordeeva

Digital Marketing Director

At Coherent Solutions Julia works as a Digital Marketing Director and performs day-to-day management of digital search marketing campaigns, keeps pace with the changes in the SEM & SEO industries and trends to ensure compliance and efficiency with the latest guidelines and algorithms, manages tactical SEO initiatives including on-site optimizations, keyword analysis, content creation, link-building, site auditing and competitive analysis. In this job Julia has responsibility for the promotion of the Coherent Solutions brand including strategy, development, and implementation of various initiatives to increase the brand’s visibility and more clearly communicate our company’s value proposition to customers.

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