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Service delivery management is critical in successful software projects

by Julia Gordeeva
in on Jun 04, 2015

Everyone in software development can point to a failed project that should have worked. It had all the right components including solid infrastructure, the latest technology, capable people and proven processes. On paper, at least, everything was right.

But software projects are not created on paper. They are created in the real world, which is chock full of missed deadlines, scope creep, vague communication, personality conflicts and more. All of which have to be managed. At Coherent Solutions, this is the job of our delivery managers. These are experienced product or project managers who love helping customers build a product strategy and visual road-map to guide their projects throughout development.


Success for any software project begins with the delivery manager clarifying requirements and setting realistic expectations about the project’s scope, quality, and risk factors. As time goes on, s/he also needs to be clear and transparent regarding the project’s status. Our delivery managers are trained to avoid issues like these below.

  • Late identification of a project which is at risk.
  • Unplanned or unforeseen changes.
  • Hidden problems that fester and do not reach resolution.
  • Lack of transparency regarding project status, schedule, milestones, resources, and costs.

Both the customer and Coherent’s team in Minsk can lean on our onshore delivery managers whose job is to resolve issues ASAP. Just a phone call away, a delivery manager’s job is to be available and ready to act. This avoids cross-continental phone tag and assures clients that issues will not be left unresolved for any length of time. Our delivery managers keep everyone – onshore and off – on the same page and moving forward.

Coherent Service Delivery Manager Attributes

  • Focus on project success
  • Authentic, clear communicators
  • Trained in risk reduction and management
  • Experienced in budget, timeline and scope management
  • Able to establish project processes, controls and outcomes
  • Take an integrated view of a project from start to finish

Our delivery managers at Coherent tell us they are energized and rewarded by doing a job that leaves all parties feeling confident and capable as they work together toward their mutual goal. It all adds up to better teams and better results.

Julia Gordeeva

Digital Marketing Director

At Coherent Solutions Julia works as a Digital Marketing Director and performs day-to-day management of digital search marketing campaigns, keeps pace with the changes in the SEM & SEO industries and trends to ensure compliance and efficiency with the latest guidelines and algorithms, manages tactical SEO initiatives including on-site optimizations, keyword analysis, content creation, link-building, site auditing and competitive analysis. In this job Julia has responsibility for the promotion of the Coherent Solutions brand including strategy, development, and implementation of various initiatives to increase the brand’s visibility and more clearly communicate our company’s value proposition to customers.

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