Using Bi Tools To Get More From Your Data

Massive growth in an organization will inevitably result in two things: acquiring vast amounts of data and having to figure out what to do with it. This data could be invaluable for businesses. From planning big sales and advertising campaigns

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More Than A Dev Shop

Hear from Coherent Solution’s VP of Business Development, Kami Holtz, on how software vendors leverage our professional services.

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Techops Vs. DevOps: What’s Right For You?

In the IT world, there is a tendency to tack “Ops” on to the end of words. This has clouded the understanding of terms like TechOps, DevOps, and even NoOps. Through our analysis, we’ll clarify their meanings and show you

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Best Practices For Your Continuous Integration Approach

Minimum time-to-market and maximum efficiency. That’s the goal every business has for their software projects – and precisely what DevOps was created for. However, it isn’t enough to implement DevOps in your project. Many nuances, if overlooked, can cut down

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Alena Bashmakova

Alena leads efforts associated with data quality improvements and functional testing of large business intelligence and data warehouse enhancements projects. As a lead consultant, Alena participates throughout the software development lifecycle, applying her strong knowledge of DW/BI models to help solve complex business problems. In her position, Alena interfaces with cross-functional teams to manage defects and compile test results, communicating issues, risks and status to ensure Coherent’s solutions are meeting business requirements.

Chad West

Chad has over 10 years of experience in the application development industry co-innovating with technology pioneers to increase market share. He does this by facilitating complex technology discussions and providing practical, risk-contained solutions to accelerate innovative roadmaps. His passion for what he does stems from his belief that building technology that solves problems, within the constraints of time and resources, is the ultimate expression of creativity. At home with his family, his passion is being an artist and the father of two active children. Chad has a Bachelors of Science in Design, Marketing, and Rhetoric from the University of Minnesota.

Dima Petruchenya

Dima has 7 years of project management experience and has worked on the projects with cross-functional teams of up to 40 people. In addition, Dima has worked as process manager setting up project management and development processes for software organizations. He has led the development of Project Management training at Coherent and actively mentors others in the company.

Dmitri Shtulman

Since 2000, Dmitri has enjoyed a career in the IT industry, playing all of the primary roles in the software development lifecycle. These positions have included business analyst, QA, full stack developer, solutions architect, and project manager. As a Service Delivery Manager at Coherent Solutions, he has a proven history of ensuring successful project delivery for his clients. Dmitri holds a BSB in Management Information Systems and Insurance-Risk Management from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management.

Evgeni Gordeev

In his role of Application Architect and Team Lead Evgeni is responsible for the development, testing, and maintenance of web applications, coordinating the development team, applying advanced knowledge of new web technologies to create a robust and intuitive user experience. He does his part to ensure the team adheres to coding, architectural, and security standards as defined. Evgeni proactively participates in all facets of an agile development cycle, including product and sprint planning exercises, daily scrum sessions, design and build systems, and organize testing in banking, finance, and insurance domains. He has relevant hands-on web development experience, including exposure to web development, and Java/JEE experience proven with Sun/Oracle certificates.

Igor Epshteyn

Igor has been an entrepreneur, technical architect, business strategist, and project manager in the information technology industry since 1988. As a teenager, Igor started and sold his first company in his native Belarus. As the founder of Coherent Solutions, Igor is responsible for its strategic management. Igor holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management and an MS in Electrical Engineering from the Minsk Institute of Radio Technology.

Jay Syverson

Jay comes to his role with 30+ years of experience in technology with health care technology companies, cross-industry consulting firms, as well as with business intelligence and customer relationship management software and services companies. Jay holds a master’s degree (MBA) in business administration and a bachelor’s degree (BS) in business administration from Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Julia Gordeeva

At Coherent Solutions Julia works as a Digital Marketing Director and performs day-to-day management of digital search marketing campaigns, keeps pace with the changes in the SEM & SEO industries and trends to ensure compliance and efficiency with the latest guidelines and algorithms, manages tactical SEO initiatives including on-site optimizations, keyword analysis, content creation, link-building, site auditing and competitive analysis. In this job Julia has responsibility for the promotion of the Coherent Solutions brand including strategy, development, and implementation of various initiatives to increase the brand’s visibility and more clearly communicate our company’s value proposition to customers.

Kami Holtz

Kami's experience is a unique blend of leading business and technical teams. Her expertise includes system engineering and development, operations, project management, security, consulting, and delivery. At Coherent Solutions, she leverages her strategic perspective of aligning business drivers and technical solutions to deliver software products and platforms. Kami holds an MBA in technical management from the University of Phoenix.

Lenny Kotlyar

Lenny has been IT and Consulting since 2000. At Coherent he is responsible for developing Coherent’s BI practice, as well as managing current clients to ensure that software/data warehousing solutions are alignment with their goals and objectives. His prior experience includes software development and architecture, management consulting, management of software, database and business intelligence development projects. In addition to Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Technology, Lenny holds MBA degree from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management.

Maksim Belov

In his role as CTO Max is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of Coherent Solutions’ technology services. Max has over a decade of software development and technology management experience. He is an accomplished architect and an expert in distributed systems design and implementation. Max holds a master’s degree in Theoretical Computer Science from Moscow State University

Nikolai Astreika

Nick has over 10 years of marketing communications experience spanning across: marketing research and analytics, Public Relations, internet marketing and event-marketing. Nick holds an MBA from the Leon Kozminski University (Warsaw, Poland) and a MA in Political Science from the Belarusian State University (Minsk, Belarus).

Oleg Fridlyand

Oleg has worked in the information technology industry for more than 20 years, with experience in all phases of software development (from planning to release).He began his career as a software developer for road and transportation organizations in 1991. After five years of work in this field, his next employer became BelAgroPromBank, where he served as the Head of IT department in 1996-2000. For the next four years, in 2000-2004, he was the Head of Methodology and Tools of Procedures Management Department in the Interbank Processing Center. During the years 2004-2008 Oleg worked at INTELPART, where he actively participated in the development of more than ten business and research software systems, including decision making support software, applications for the semantic analysis of documents, card-index of management decisions on conflict resolution between coworkers, etc. He became part of Coherent Solutions/ISsoft team in 2008. Since 2010 he is the Head of ISsoft Training Center.

Peter Tisinevich

Petr established the BA Department at Coherent and current heads the company's UX/UI department. He has been actively involved in the development of Coherent's design methodology. He loves new challenges and sees opportunities everywhere. He is energized by involving and engaging people in the process of achieving their goals, helping them to get better at what they do, discover new potentials.

Robert Duff

Rob has worked in the consulting industry since 1992. At Coherent he is responsible for the operational management of the company. His prior experiences include management consulting, technical architecture, and program/project management. Rob holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management and a BA in Economics from the University of Notre Dame

Valery Shklenski

Valery is an experienced IT Project manager with over 13 years of experience in the industry. Professional services management with a clear focus on achievement of business goals and cost efficiency. He works with Coherent Solutions starting 2006 and focusing on managing BI/Data-warehouse projects

Yury Zhukovsky

As a BI Data Architect/System Analyst, Yury is responsible for the following items: Providing a strategic vision of BI data environment;Guidance and leadership on how best to design data to integrate with technologies;Establishing repeatable processes related to data assets ensuring high quality data design;Teams education on topics pertaining to the value of data as an asset.