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Working at the axis of client expectations and product delivery

by Julia Gordeeva
in on Sep 25, 2015

Client needs, budgets and timelines are usually clear. Expectations are less clear. Similarly, software development teams have technical skills and tools at their disposal, but team cohesion and synergy are harder to define.

Coherent Service Delivery Managers work at this axis to understand and bring clarity to unstated goals and issues. They apply:

  • Interview techniques to uncover expectations.
  • Constant oversight to identify project risks early.
  • Respect and accountability to keep projects on track.
  • Organization and attention to detail to meet all requirements.
  • Accessibility and transparency to address and resolve issues openly.


Adding value

Here are 5 ways our dedicated Service Delivery Managers add value to custom software development, quality assurance and business intelligence projects.

  • Accountability – Delivery Managers act as single point of contact to manage all aspects of the relationship between Coherent and the customer. The buck stops with them.
  • Autonomy – Our Delivery Managers are tasked with advocating for our customers. They have the authority and responsibility to commit resources, resolve issues, and negotiate financial arrangements.
  • Expertise – With solid software development backgrounds, our Delivery Managers supervise resources, quality, changes and scope creep, timelines and communication across the team.
  • Relationships – Coherent Delivery Managers are the glue that holds together team members who are individually responsible for different, and sometimes even competing, priorities. They proactively monitor relationships, looking for ways to create connections and build trust.
  • Transparent communication – Poor communication is at the root of so many problems, especially on diverse and geographically scattered teams. Our Delivery Managers take charge of communication, both formal and informal, treating it as a vital component of their jobs.


Julia Gordeeva

Digital Marketing Director

At Coherent Solutions Julia works as a Digital Marketing Director and performs day-to-day management of digital search marketing campaigns, keeps pace with the changes in the SEM & SEO industries and trends to ensure compliance and efficiency with the latest guidelines and algorithms, manages tactical SEO initiatives including on-site optimizations, keyword analysis, content creation, link-building, site auditing and competitive analysis. In this job Julia has responsibility for the promotion of the Coherent Solutions brand including strategy, development, and implementation of various initiatives to increase the brand’s visibility and more clearly communicate our company’s value proposition to customers.

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