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Coherent BI Starter Kit

If you are reading this, you most likely have identified Business Intelligence’s (BI) ability to support data driven decision making, have researched various ways BI can help your organization, and are aware of some capabilities in the space.  
Business Intelligence benefits_Coherent Solutions
However, perhaps you aren’t quite sure how to start a BI initiative at your organization and have unanswered questions such as which BI features are needed, which platforms/vendors should be considered, or how to mitigate risk. Further, you are hesitant to start talking to Business Intelligence vendors/solution providers without a clearer direction, as you associate BI systems with expensive, long-running, and uncertain initiatives.

BI is within your reach!

But what if starting with BI didn’t have to be expensive, long-running, or uncertain? The Coherent BI Starter Kit has been designed specifically to address the issues associated with starting a business intelligence initiative. It has helped a number of clients who were in similar situations achieve clarity and results in their search for business intelligence benefits.

The Coherent BI Starter Kit is a proven, phased management and technical framework that helps companies implement BI systems with highly predictable outcomes and manageable costs, within just 60-80 days.

Coherent Solutions’ years of experience:

  • Creating large, custom data warehouses for small-to-mid sized and Fortune 1000 companies;
  • Designing reporting systems with dashboards and custom capabilities for improved data driven decision making;
  • Working with dozens of technologies including Microsoft, Netezza, Microstrategy, and Hadoop have taught it efficiencies that it has incorporated into this process.

Step-by-step, with Coherent Solutions’ help

The Coherent BI Starter Kit starts with your requirements and connects them to an actionable implementation plan. For example, you could either be leaning towards specific BI solution providers (e.g. Microsoft, Oracle, etc.) or prefer open-source solutions. Or you could seek to minimize the upfront cost by having the data warehouse in the cloud and utilize SaaS BI vendors. Or you could prefer an on premise solution for better control over security. Coherent Solutions will carefully analyze your requirements and will guide you through the process of finding and adopting a business intelligence solution that works for your company.

Why does Coherent’s BI framework work? One of the features of the framework is that it is double fixed, meaning that the base solution is split into two fixed scope & fixed bid iterations: Discovery & Analysis (2-4 weeks), Implementation phase (6-10 weeks).

The Coherent BI Starter Kit, however, is not just about phases that allow the adaptability needed during implementation to optimize your route to success. It also includes a full set of well structured, enterprise-ready deliverables at the end of each phase, such as:

Coherent BI Starter Kit in action

How can Coherent BI Starter Kit be applied across multiple verticals and technologies? Instead of providing a lengthy explanation, we suggest downloading a set of artifacts, as well as a real-life example to judge for yourself. The downloadable BI solution is based on the AdventureWorks2008R2 database to give a simple example of what can be obtained even from well-known data.

The Analytics report examples include

Sales forecast BI report example_CoherentSolutions
An automated report that provides recommendations on product subcategories to be purchased from the vendors next month. Bar chart contains comparison of forecast and previous quantity of products that were sold in the selected period, grouped by subcategories. The table below clarifies the data in the bar chart and gives the value of variation between forecast and previous quantity of products.
Stock Monitoring Dashboard_BI report example_CoherentSolutions
Purchase Price Chart shows the amount spent on purchases each month. Purchase Quantity table contains information about the quantity of items by product in stock for selected week. If products quantity falls below 10, it should be replenished.
Unprofitable Products_BI report example_CoherentSolutions
An automated report that provides users the recommendation on products to be liquidated. Dashboard displays the most Unprofitable products for the selected period, based on the combination of product margin and relationship between Product Cost and Sales Price (size of each circle depends on product margin value).

Example downloads include: Next Month Sales Forecast, Liquidation, Warehouse Stock Monitoring

Sound a little overwhelming? Don’t worry, we’ll guide and educate you through the process to ensure that you are in full control every step of the way. If you would like to know more, please contact us for no-obligation evaluation and we can work together to determine how we can help.

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