Marketing, at its core, is about communication – reaching your audience with your message. It is as central to human nature as commerce itself. As soon as people began trading and selling their wares, they were barking out their presence at markets. Signage followed, with pictures, symbols and ultimately, lettering – when reading came to the masses. And given our penchant for selling and communicating, it seems likely that the next thing Gutenberg printed after his first bible was a news circular – replete with advertising.

Just a few short centuries later, we introduced electronic media, beginning with radio, then television, and now the internet – which we can take with us wherever we go via mobile devices. With that, our interests have become trackable and measurable, so that advertisers can actually customize messages to each of us.

Which leads to the modern marketers’ dilemma: how to tap into and use the vast amount of data they can now collect as we surf, view and even broadcast our own messages via the internet? Marketers are excellent at figuring new and creative ways to use technology to reach people. But the technical knowledge needed to create, scale and update the complex systems for doing this is not typically in their wheelhouse.

Coherent Solutions has proven itself in this marketing arena with a wide variety of projects ranging from building databases and information exchanges for buying media, to tracking cell phone use in order to micro-target messages to individuals, to testing and scaling new systems.

You can read more about some of these projects under success stories on this site. These include:

  • Creating the data repositories and information exchanges where media buyers can evaluate buying opportunities and take advantage of price discounts in real time. Besides applying this technology to the internet with client Videology, we’ve also developed custom platforms to accomplish similar goals for print and radio-based buying.

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