Company has seen 1000% growth in that time

April 11, 2014, Minneapolis, MN – Coherent Solutions, a software consulting and outsourcing company with offices in Minneapolis, New York, and Boston in the U.S., is celebrating its tenth anniversary at its Minsk, Belarus software development center. Opened in 2004 with just five employees, Coherent’s development center has grown to nearly 400 employees engaged in application development, business intelligence, and quality assurance for a wide variety of clients throughout the U.S. and Europe.

In 2004, one of Coherent Solutions’ clients required a partner to build a system that integrated embedded software, geographic information systems (GIS), and client/server components to drive efficiencies in the agriculture industry. CEO Igor Epshteyn was able to tap his connections in Minsk to build a team capable of providing this array of expertise. Since that first success, Coherent Solutions has embraced the global development model, bringing top-notch work to clients across a wide variety of industries.
“Our development center in Minsk has made it possible for Coherent Solutions to grow as we have,” explained Epshteyn. “We have an extremely strong team there that works closely with our clients to enable innovation, deliver value, and become an integral part of their development teams.”