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Define Your Mobile Strategy

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Strategy for a Business Mobile App

      The challenges for decision makers in mobile app development:

  • Developing reliable paradigms for assessing app objectives and readiness.
  • Staying abreast of evolving technology that constantly enchances and alters the playing field for development.
  • Finding and vetting reliable suppliers of technology.

Components of a Viable Business Strategy

The definition of a good strategy will differ from organization to organization. Larger, more mature organizations typically require research and business case documentation before moving forward to develop a new mobile application. This documentation may include market analysis and competitive research, as well as technology evaluations and pricing models.
Strategy for a Business Mobile App_CoherentSolutions

Make Applications Flexible and Convenient

Integrate mobile applications with cross-platform functionality to bring servers or the cloud to the device. Coherent Solutions is adept at full lifecycle development to create, integrate and leverage features in your applications and enterprise architectures that magnify business results.

See some of our apps in action:

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Assessing Mobile App Objectives

What value does the new mobile solution bring for costumers, prospects and employees?
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Assessing Mobile App Readiness

Mobile application development a dynamic space encompassing a wide range or technologies and developers need to stay abreast of technology updates as they are happening. Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies provides a good measure of where some of the most anticipated technologies are currently, as well as where they are headed in the future. Developing a mobile app requires evaluating risks and rewards across a spectrum of variables that could change and vary the outcome.
Assessing Mobile App Readiness_CoherentSolutions

Let's Define Your Mobile Strategy