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Information Security_Custom Software development

Information Security

Software development with built-in security

In today’s world of cyber attacks and information stealing, security is more than a mere buzzword. It is a prerequisite for doing business. Whether you are implementing an off-the-shelf system, building your own software solution, or deploying applications on-premise or to the cloud, you need to know that your data and systems are secure.

We design a customized security plan for each client to anticipate and mitigate risk while addressing any potential security gaps. When choosing a software development partner, you want them to be as serious about security as you are.

Software development with built-in security_CoherentSolutions

We will manage security at every level, including:

  • Creating a safe infrastructure
  • Utilizing industry best practices to protect your information assets
  • Executing projects using secure software development life cycle procedures
Custom software development with built-in security_CoherentSolutions

Coherent Solutions’ security program ensures:

  • Protection of your intellectual property
  • A fully safeguarded final product
  • HIPAA, PHI, PCI, and FERPA compliance

Intellectual Property Protection

At Coherent Solutions we understand that clients want to maintain full control over the IP assets they have entrusted to us. Our comprehensive security policies are designed with this in mind. We define baseline controls that can be customized for each client, and train our employees on each client’s specific policies and procedures. We also implement technologies to ensure that your controls are functioning as designed – from audit logs for system access, to stringent data loss prevention protocols.

Information Security Policy
Information Security Policy
IP Protection
IP Protection
Client-specific controls
Client-specific controls

Infrastructure and Processes

While most of our clients rely on us to design a secure environment, we can also work with unique requirements. Our goal is the same as yours: to protect your assets from the moment they enter our system to their release in a software product. We further mitigate risk with a formal incident reporting process and clear containment procedures.

Physical facilities access
Network/perimeter access
Intrusion detection and protection
Patch management
Logging and auditing access

Secure SDLC

Beyond this, we have expert security advisors within each technology stack who work with client teams to design, test and review software development practices as we proceed through a project life cycle. Our in-house PMO also performs regular audits to ensure compliance with your security charters. Coherent Solutions developers are thoroughly trained in our standard secure software development life cycle procedures which include:

Thread Modeling

We will identify the areas where your server installation is most vulnerable and then choose the appropriate tools and implement the best design to protect it.

Risk Management

Our team members will work hard to identify, understand, and mitigate any risks that might threaten the success of a project.

Test Design and Planning

During development, security tests are executed and reviewed until the security is assessed to be sufficient.

Vulnerability Assessments and Tests

The tests have different strengths and are often combined to achieve a complete vulnerability analysis.

Secure Coding

We use a technology agnostic set of software security coding practices that can be integrated into the development lifecycle

Code Review

We audit the source code to verify that the proper security controls are present and work as intended and that they have been invoked in all the right places

How we do it

Like anything that starts on a drawing board, developing software products takes planning, orchestrated execution, and constant communication and quality checks.

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Information Security_CoherentSolutions

Information Security

Whether you are implementing an off-the-shelf system, building your own software solution, or deploying applications on-premise or to the cloud, you need to know that your data and systems are secure