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Service Delivery Management

Better collaboration and results

Coherent Solutions encourages client-vendor interaction, direct communication, open processes and integrated teamwork because... it works! We don't funnel information through a gatekeeper or play the telephone game. Instead, we dedicate a delivery manager at no charge who skillfully aligns the client and Coherent teams to work directly with one another and productively move forward.

Traditional Offshore Coordinators

Traditional Offshore Coordinators_Software Development
No Management or non-native coordination from vendor
Only suitable for simple tasks and able to deliver limited value
Slower startup / less responsive
Prone to communication issues and misalignment

Our Local Delivery Managers

Local Delivery Managers_Customized Software Development Process_CoherentSolutions
Dedicated delivery management
Faster project startup
Visibility and control for all parties
Delivering more value to our clients
Complex activities performed more easily via clear communication

Cooperating as if co-located

Transparency in relationships, particularly with global relationships, supports the trust-building, real-time efforts of a healthy team. This is the DNA of Coherent Solutions. We maintain a co-locational sense by promoting direct, transparent relationships between all team members regardless of location.

Transparent Relationships:

Enabled by individuals you know who are assgined to do your work
Mitigate Risk
Hold individuals directly accountable for better results
Enhance predictability and project quality

Local service delivery managers

At Coherent Solutions, we recognize that our success can only come after yours. And the way we assure your success is through a highly developed service delivery management system. Every customer is assigned a dedicated Service Delivery Manager at no charge who facilitates the development team to ensure high quality service delivery.

Our service delivery managers:

Are experienced consulting professionals
Have strong relationships with teams in Minsk
Have technical & project management backgrounds
Are highly competent in transferring information, efficiencies, and changing dynamics

Grease to keep gears turning

Our Service Delivery Managers will help to define cooperation processes that may include: a visual roadmap for the project; a release plan and financial updates to keep the budget in check; and as well as quarterly periodic engagement reviews to gather input and work toward continuous improvement. While we consider Delivery Management to be a vital piece of our services, we don't charge for our Delivery Managers' time. We want clients to avail themselves of their Delivery Managers whenever and however they need. Because we know that in the end, client success = our success.

We needed a partner to develop a solution. This required a much broader range of resources than typical offshore developers, and the ability to get a major project done in an aggressive timeframe. That’s why we went to Coherent. Amy Junge | IT Manager, Christensen Farms

How we do it

Like anything that starts on a drawing board, developing software products takes planning, orchestrated execution, and constant communication and quality checks.

Information Security

Coherent project teams work with your IT and InfoSec teams to assure that your specific security requirements are fully met.  We design a customized security plan for each client to anticipate issues and mitigate risk while addressing any potential security gaps. Read more

Full Stack Technology

Our goal is to help our customers create business opportunities and solve business problems through technology. With hundreds of developers and 20 years of experience as a company we’ve pretty much seen it all in technology. Read more

Software Development Delivered Globally, Managed Locally

We use a team of locally based Service Delivery Managers to enable a high level of connectedness between our customers and our development teams. Coherent’s Delivery Managers are accountable for the customer experience and focus on the only thing that matters — the customer’s success. Read more

Development Processes That Work

Coherent Solutions provides resources and expertise in an accountable process across the software lifecycle including system architecture definition, design, development, testing, DevOps, ongoing maintenance and enhancements. We can do it faster, more productively and at higher value than other service providers to meet or supplement your needs. Read more

Roadmap for Successful Outsourcing_CoherentSolutions

Roadmap for Successful Outsourcing

This step-by-step guide includes checklists to help you examine and prioritize your outsourcing needs; recognize the seen and unseen costs of outsourcing.

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