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Extended reality

Organizations that want to stay competitive need to transform into natively digital companies. Out-of-the-box software solutions don’t always meet the needs of established enterprises. Leverage our expertise and industry-specific knowledge to build high-quality custom software that can scale to meet your needs.
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Core Services

Our full-stack software development services are first-rate, flexible, and infinitely scalable to help you meet current demands and reach your vision for the future.

Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise Software Development

You need software development that focuses on the needs of your enterprise, such as organizational workflow and interdepartmental team collaboration. Coherent Solutions can help you build scalable software customized for your industry. Whether your needs are as simple as document management or as complex as an ERP system, we’ve got you covered.

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Software Product Development

Does your startup have great ideas but lack in-house development resources? Build top-tier software with Coherent Solutions’ end-to-end software product development services. Depending on your needs, we can easily integrate our workforce into your development team or assume all the technological functions.

Legacy Application Migration and Upgrade

Legacy Application Migration and Upgrade

Technology moves very fast, and what was new yesterday might be obsolete today. Keep up with technology trends and stay secure with Coherent Solutions’ migration and upgrade services. We can help you redesign legacy systems and applications, migrate data to the cloud, and upgrade your systems for the future.

Third Party Product Customization

Third-Party Product Customization

Custom software development might be more than your organization can handle right now. The solution? Third-party product customization. Customizing a third-party application can save your company time and money while leveraging software from a market leader. Our team is skilled at customizing third-party software, such as MS Dynamics, SharePoint, and Salesforce.

Featured Competencies

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If scalability, interoperability, and security are important to your organization, .NET could be a great choice for your next software development project. It is especially useful for enterprise applications since .NET empowers organizations with a scalable, cross-platform environment and a large set of development tools and technologies.

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Secure and platform-independent, Java allows developers to leverage object-oriented programming (OOP) on all types of devices. OOP allows developers to better organize large projects, provide easier maintenance, and efficiently update legacy code. Our Java developers can help you build enterprise applications for mobile, web, cloud, and integration solutions.

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C++ is one of the most mature languages in modern software development with many advantages, like portability, low level of manipulation, and use of OOP and memory management. Our team can help you create superior, cost-effective solutions with C++ for everything from web services to embedded development.

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Mobile App Development

Mobile applications account for more than 50% of the world’s web traffic, and this number will only continue to grow. Building for mobile devices is not optional if your organization wants to stay viable. Coherent Solutions’ mobile developers can help you build cutting edge iOS, Android, Xamarin, and hybrid mobile applications.

Web Development

Web Development

Whether you’re trying to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace or build a functional internal application, it’s crucial that you put the user first. Avoid sluggish applications and upgrade outdated tools with Coherent Solutions. We provide full-stack web development services that help you build robust and secure solutions with impressive user experience.

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Stay up to date on technology trends and leverage R&D innovations in your projects with the help of our software engineers. Leverage cutting edge technologies like AI, machine learning, and augmented reality. These innovations can help your business find new ways to automate and boost its competitiveness.


Broad Experience for Focused Software The New Tools of the Trade

Manufacturing is an ever-changing industry. As AI improves and the Internet of Things becomes an increasingly important part of everyday business, the companies that don’t evolve will get squeezed out. The time to take your business into a more efficient and lucrative future is now.

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