Internet of things

Automate Efficiencies With the Internet of Things


Internet of Things

Coherent Solutions helps hardware vendors deliver innovative, scalable, and creative IoT software. Our approach provides engineers with industry-specific knowledge and best practices needed to create custom IoT solutions. These unique software products always align with R&D and company culture.
Internet of things

Core Services

Our R&D labs augment hardware with intuitive software to optimize your Internet of Things implementation. Whether that means developing firmware, APIs, embedded software, IoT gateways, or cloud servers, we'll work to create custom solutions that fit the best practices of your industry.

Internet of Things Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing Solutions

AI and machine-learning tools can save company resources by refining predictive maintenance capabilities and helping fix machines before there's a backup on the production floor. Teams use our software to improve and implement processes for quality control, inventory management, smart metering, packaging, and more.

Internet of Things Agriculture Solutions

Agriculture Solutions

IoT in agriculture helps farm managers reduce waste and enhance farm productivity. Leverage our expertise to address challenges like livestock and crop monitoring, greenhouse automation, resource management, and climate condition monitoring.

Internet of Things Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

IoT is transforming the energy sector and improving energy efficiency across industries. Automation makes it possible to streamline jobs like grid management and diagnostics while increasing operational visibility. Additionally, improved data gathering provides more accurate information, which helps technicians optimize systems.

iot healthcare solutions

Healthcare Solutions

Augmenting healthcare hardware with intelligent software improves care, compliance, and even patient health. Our solutions have helped healthcare providers advance remote patient monitoring and better track adherence to medication programs. The right software can also benefit EHR systems and help to automate preventative healthcare measures.

iot sport

Sports and Fitness

IoT analytics takes player performance and rehabilitation to the next level. By applying modern analytic functions to on-the-field action, coaches can quickly decide when to change tactics or pull fatigued players. Teams also receive clear, up-to-the-minute information on an injured athlete's progress, helping them make better rehabilitation decisions.

iot smart home

Smart Home Solutions

In addition to solutions for enterprise technology, organizations can apply our R&D processes to tech in consumer homes. Using IoT solutions, improvements to home energy efficiency, security, and internal networks are a snap. A customer's home is their sanctuary, and these innovations make their sanctuary more efficient.

Featured Competencies

wearable design

Wearable Design

Our in-house R&D practices, combined with industry requirements, help wearable manufacturers deliver highly responsive smart solutions for all kinds of sports and fitness activities. Our team is continually investigating new wearable features and how to implement them efficiently.

improving cnc

Improving CNC Machine Functionality

Increase efficiency and reduce costs by tracking and analyzing CNC machine data with IoT technologies. We provide end-to-end services to help you leverage this technology, including IoT architecture design, gateway development, cloud data processing and storage, and IoT dashboard development.

Internet of things fleet management

Fleet Management

Incorporating IoT technology to enable real-time fleet tracking allows operators to make well-informed and safe decisions. Our IoT developers help build predictive maintenance analysis, management insight reports, breakdown notifications, and vehicle and driver safety monitoring applications.

HVAC Systems.

HVAC Systems

Intelligent cooling and heating functionality saves valuable company resources by regulating energy consumption for efficiency. Coherent Solutions creates IoT-enabled HVAC solutions for building management systems and can help develop robust systems designed to fit seamlessly within an organization's workflow.

Remote Medical Care

Remote Medical Care

Incorporating IoT innovations to healthcare software improves data storage, file sharing, and communication with patients while remaining HIPAA compliant. We help telehealth vendors create platforms that improve diagnostics, patient monitoring, and service for patients in remote areas.


Outstanding R&D Makes Anything Possible

Our experienced software developers streamline processes with highly functional and efficient IoT solutions. Whether the focus is on machinery, health, or something else, our software improves your ability to monitor assets, process data, and make data-driven decisions.

The Internet of Things is Ready. Are You?