Machine Learning

Improve Your Offering and Decision-Making With AI and Machine Learning


Machine Learning

Coherent Solutions helps businesses boost productivity and gain an edge over competitors by employing artificial intelligence and machine-learning technologies. We utilize our R&D labs to provide technical support and consulting for AI and machine-learning application development.

AI and Machine-Learning Core Services

Enterprise Software Development

Data Mining

If you need to implement artificial intelligence in your software, we can help. Our team will identify AI opportunities in your business and prepare algorithms that help you leverage data mining techniques. Additionally, our data scientists perform classification and sequence analysis with programming tools to extract information and create quality data sets for ML model training algorithms. With our top specialists on board, we can help you integrate machine learning into your IT solutions to get more value from your data.

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Modeling and Training

Create optimal machine-learning models for your AI software. We'll review your business requirements and data sets to choose the right frameworks for the core ML problems and architect ML models capable of accurate predictions. Additionally, our team tests the ML models' efficiency by training the ML models on cloud solutions like Amazon SageMaker or in-house equipment until the result meets our client's expectations.

Consulting and Tuning

Consulting and Tuning

Whether you've already integrated machine-learning algorithms into your business or are planning to, Coherent Solutions can help. We carefully analyze our clients' challenges and advise on how to optimize your ML model efficiently. Our team can also assist you in choosing an optimal strategy throughout the development project. To that end, we'll design possible patterns, recommend tech stacks, make architecture assessments, and provide other consulting services for your AI project.

Building and Implementation

Building and Implementation

The process of creating a machine-learning model is complex and time-consuming. Coherent Solutions' team will manage AI implementation and handle the entire machine-learning process, including building, training, and deployment using Amazon SageMaker. Our machine-learning developers ensure your model's high-precision performance by testing it in production settings, measuring its accuracy, fixing errors, and improving it continuously.

Learning Deployment and Hosting

Deployment and Hosting

We can wrap the ML model's source code into a separate container by deploying the model as a web service using popular platforms like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. The deployment and hosting process is an integral part of Coherent's end-to-end services, from creating the model on the platform to its continuous testing. If you would like to request special training sessions on adopting a data-driven culture and maximizing the value your end-users receive, our ML architects will be glad to share their expertise.

Areas of Research and Development

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Image Processing and Computer Vision

Our company develops smart solutions based on real-time and offline image and video processing, from vulnerability detection and sports tracking to intelligent object monitoring. Implementing these features in our clients' enterprise software helps them automate sophisticated decision-making processes. Using advanced image processing and computer vision technologies, we can design systems for face recognition, object detection and extraction, object tracking, and biometric identification.

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Natural Language Processing

Coherent Solutions' machine-learning experts can build software to detect unstructured human speech nuances, whether oral or written. Our experience allows us to help businesses deliver a superior user experience by creating natural interactions between customers and AI-based applications. Our NLP solutions can be used for scoring search results, recommendation engines, sales forecasting, checking source code for vulnerabilities, text-to-speech conversion, and more.

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Tech Stack and Ample Experience

Our data scientists and machine-learning engineers have experience in many programming languages and frameworks, including Python, C++, TensorFlow, Amazon SageMaker, and Microsoft Azure. As an Amazon Advanced Consulting Partner, Coherent Solutions builds, trains, and deploys machine-learning models compatible with many popular platforms. When combined with high-performance computing infrastructure and uncompromising security and analytics systems, ML brings unmatched value to our clients' businesses.

Versed in Industries

How Your Industry Can Leverage Machine Learning

Machine learning has applications in healthcare, education, marketing, and e-commerce, among others. Whether you’re a healthcare professional trying to integrate machine learning into the drug discovery and manufacturing process or an e-commerce platform provider trying to customize the shopping experience, we can help. Leverage machine learning and boost your offering and profits like never before.

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