You’ve successfully navigated sponsorship for your project, budgets have been approved & contracts have been signed. Now what?  The change management surrounding your project is critical to its success.  With Coherent Solutions, you’re not alone!  We guide you through this process.


Before your project officially kicks off, you have an often-missed opportunity to prepare your project team.  There are several key activities that will ensure your team is ready to execute, striving towards the same goals & developing a cadence.

In addition to mapping out your plan for meeting objectives, providing options with the most value, anticipating & mitigating risks and, of course, excellent delivery, here are some key markers to set the stage for success before you embark on your project:

  • Who’s who & what.  Clearly define roles & responsibilities.
  • Scope, business drivers, major milestones.  Articulate the “why” of your project, including high level scope & key dates.
  • On-boarding.  Formalize the plan. Ramp up subject matter expert knowledge.
  • Communications.  Identify audience(s) as well as type & frequency of communication.
  • Environment set-up.  Define tools & credentialing needs.
  • Deployment processes.  Discuss current process and how the project and team will integrate into this.
  • Key performance indicators. Define metrics that will measure & assess progress towards goals.  KPIs are easy to understand & allow decision makers to act quickly.

In subsequent blogs, we will explore each of these activities further.