Software Development for the Agriculture Industry


Agriculture Industry

Coherent Solutions specializes in custom software development for an array of businesses in the agriculture industry, including AgriTech startups, established agribusinesses, large-scale firms, and software vendors. Our goal is to help organizations streamline their agriculture software systems and develop more effective strategies.
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Core Services

If you're creating client software that will improve agricultural operations, provide more control over farm administration, reduce manual efforts, or optimize supply chain and inventory management, we can help. Our experience with agriculture projects allows us to streamline workflows leveraging industry knowledge.

Farm Management Operations

Streamlining Farm Management Operations

Whether you're helping agribusinesses optimize daily operations or build a transparent supply chain management system, our team can develop purpose-built software. From automating crop management operations to accounting, pricing, and inventory — we make digital products that help agriculture businesses achieve smooth and efficient processes.

Minimizing Manual Efforts

Minimize Manual Efforts With Automated and Innovative Solutions

Smart farming solutions can help minimize human error while increasing the quantity and quality of yields. We can customize a diverse set of solutions, including smart irrigation systems, soil mapping, crop sensors, and farm equipment enhanced with AI, GPS, and robotics technology.

Business Intelligence Tools

Reduce Risks With Business Intelligence Tools

Custom software helps you analyze crop production and yield distribution to create more effective agriculture strategies. We develop tools that enable aerial imaging, UAV data processing, GIS, remote sensing, and machine learning algorithms to minimize agricultural risks while helping you build precision maps and monitor weather conditions.

Featured Competencies

Agriculture Enhancing Farm Processes

Enhancing Farm Processes

Coherent Solutions develops custom agricultural applications that utilize the latest tech trends to optimize and automate agriculture jobs. Our team can help you take advantage of IoT solutions, such as remote sensing and AI automation, to do everything from real-time data collection to weed control.

Agriculture Experience Across All Screens andDevices

Consistent Experience Across All Screens and Devices

Ensure your clients can securely connect to AgriTech software on any device and at any location. Our custom software products are designed to work via the web, mobile, desktop, embedded, or all of the above.

Agriculture Connectivity of your Agricultural Equipment

Superior Connectivity for Your Agricultural Equipment

With the help of technical solutions such as Bluetooth "beacons," drones, RFID systems, sensors, and GPS, we help interconnect agricultural equipment. These technologies help save resources and improve results through advanced monitoring equipment, data collection, and accurate livestock feeding and produce metrics.

System Guarded by Robust-Security

Robust Security for Your Sensitive Data

Guarantee compliance with security standards like GDPR and CCPA to protect your sensitive data. We ensure that applications are protected from attacks and security vulnerabilities during every stage of development. Additionally, our agricultural products satisfy the requirements of the USDA and FDA.

Environmentally Friendly Software

Environmentally Friendly Software

Our software solutions support a low-impact farming approach. By introducing smart farming and automation, we'll help reduce carbon footprints without sacrificing efficiency.

Built for Agribusiness

The Right Tools for Your Needs

At Coherent Solutions, we specialize in taking stock of our clients’ needs to give them the software they need to grow their business. We can show you how much better your business can run when you don’t just work harder, but smarter.

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