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Our developers create software that helps financial institutions navigate our increasingly tech-heavy world. From UI and UX to business intelligence analytics, we customize our approach to fit client needs and specifications.
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Core Services

Banks, credit unions, investment firms, and other financial institutions have unique technological requirements. We specialize in identifying and meeting those needs through industry knowledge, innovative thinking, and a security-first mindset.

Finance Customer Facing Innovation

Customer-Facing Innovation

Optimizing customer-facing UI and UX for smooth, simple digital interactions is key to fintech applications’ success. Our developers are adept at using cross-platform development so that customers can access their financial information and contact advisors no matter what device they’re using.

Finance Keep up With New Tech

Keep up With New Tech

Technology continues to evolve, and so does fintech. We lead the way with adaptive AI and business intelligence solutions designed to automate where possible and analyze big data sets to predict market fluctuations.

Finance Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems

Just because systems aren’t broken doesn’t mean that they can’t be more productive and profitable. We make proactive updates to integrated systems that ensure longevity and efficiency.

Finance Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Tracking and selling stocks for optimal profit in today’s environment requires constant vigilance. We can help you build software that keeps investors informed, synchronizes multiple portfolios, and analyzes historical trends and current movements in real time.

Finance Business Intelligence for Smarter Decisions

Business Intelligence for Smarter Decisions

With machine-learning algorithms, AI applications, and cutting-edge data tools, our business intelligence software provides actionable insights. Whether monitoring stock prices, targeting marketing efforts, or optimizing CRM usage, our BI solutions simplify decision-making and mitigate risk.

Finance service on Every Level

Service on Every Level

Whether the goal is to provide solutions for businesses or consumers, we can help. From payroll administration, invoice processing, and financial risk management to personal budget software, our developers will identify and address all your fintech software needs.

Featured Competencies

Finance Omnichannel Infrastructure

Omnichannel Infrastructure

Our headless e-commerce solution allows for nearly unlimited customization. It frees our developers to work with a diverse set of tech stacks and frameworks. Whether you need upgraded POS systems, contactless mobile payments, or integration with existing platforms like Fiserv, our software ensures straightforward financial management for individuals and organizations.


Security at the Forefront

When working with finances, security is paramount. We organize our processes to ensure complete protection at every stage and closely adhere to security standards like PCI DSS and PA-DSS. We also offer SSL encryption, P2P encryption, and TransArmor solutions to protect sensitive data.

Finance Cross Platform Development

Cross-Platform Development

At Coherent Solutions, we are technology agnostic, which means we develop software to serve our clients and not the other way around. No matter the platform or existing architecture, we have solutions to serve customers over the web, via mobile or in-person, and help your business operate more efficiently.

Finance Blockchain


Blockchain solutions can make your financial organization more efficient by enabling faster payments and lower fees than traditional organizations. Our services allow secure decentralization of your data for enhanced security and scalability.

Finance Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all software solution. That’s why our development process identifies and addresses the individual needs of each client. That way, our team can leverage their expertise to create custom solutions for your unique business needs.

Adept at All Phases

The Value of Innovation

Whether a complete overhaul or a targeted tech update is needed, we have the skills and knowledge to take fintech systems and processes to the next level. From data analysis to customer-facing interactions, our developers have the required expertise.

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