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Media is part of everything we do, including our entertainment, communication, and shopping habits. To truly engage your audience, you need to be on the platforms they enjoy. Our developers create software designed to do everything from improving the OTT experience to establishing omnichannel commerce platforms for telecom industry leaders.
Media Services

Core Media Services

We tailor our approach to each client to ensure total satisfaction. Whether integrating OTT platforms, streamlining payment systems, or analyzing and aggregating data for effective targeted marketing, we can customize media solutions for your needs.

Media Building for OTT

Building for OTT

As more and more entities enter the subscription over-the-top (OTT) entertainment market, telecoms must have the infrastructure to keep up. If the need arises to develop an aggregator software to collect customer subscriptions in one place or to build a unique OTT platform and app, our software engineers have it covered.

Omnichannel Commerce Solutions

Customers are on more devices than ever, and companies that want to stay competitive need to reach shoppers on the platforms they use. We’ll ensure your e-commerce platform connects you with customers on multiple platforms while ensuring their experience is seamless and secure.

Better Data, Better Decisions

Our Business Intelligence expertise makes collecting data sets that represent all your operations and processes efficient and straightforward. Understanding not just what clients watch but also how and where they engage with media will help shift priorities to the most profitable path.

Optimized, Intelligent Connectivity

Make it easy to access media across multiple devices or integrate smart technology into home networks for better connectivity and smoother operation. Our developers can take client systems and customer homes into the 21st century and beyond.

Featured Competencies

media cross device

Cross-Device Functionality

No matter where your customers are, our engineers will ensure safe and easy access to software on their preferred device. We specialize in cross-platform development to ensure your custom software works everywhere.

Custom eCommerce Development

Custom E-Commerce Development

Our team will review current e-commerce capabilities to streamline and improve processes while putting customer data security at the forefront. Whether you need a custom solution or to augment an existing platform, we’ll ensure all e-commerce capabilities operate perfectly.

Media Leveraging

Leveraging the Internet of Things

Using AI and intelligent devices to increase a home system’s connectivity improves the way users interact with software and creates better channels for data collection.

BI Solutions

Business intelligence tools help you make decisions that shape the future of your organization. Coherent Solutions helps you create cutting-edge BI tools to analyze large data sets and extract data that empowers insightful decision making.

Safe and Secure

Our processes comply with industry-specific security standards, such as PCI DSS, PA-DSS, and SOX. This compliance ensures you protect sensitive customer data and your business.

Make Your Media Matter

Quality Communication

Media, Telecom, and Entertainment each present software engineers with unique challenges. Our developers have the knowledge and experience to optimize workflows and processes to increase connectivity, streamline omnichannel commerce functions, and improve data and analytics.

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