With Apple event on everyone’s calendar for September 7th, the media is picking up on a variety of different topics and speculations related to the event. I wanted to join the party for a bit and reflect on what we at Coherent will be looking forward on and after the date.

We are obviously excited and anxious to hear about the new releases across the entire Apple ecosystem, but iOS 10 release will be something that we will be paying special attention to. As with every new release — especially a major one, there are two main types of challenges. One is making sure that the existing apps continue to run and provide great experience to the end users. The other one is all the new features and capabilities of the OS, and making sure we figure out the best way to take advantage of those.

On the first one, it looks like iOS 10 is going to be pretty good for us. Our development teams have been busy testing apps for iOS 10 compatibility on pre-release versions, and so far we haven’t seen a lot of issues. The ones we saw were mostly related to some workarounds that were previously put in place to improve user experience with UICollectionView, and are no longer needed.

As far as the new features, we are very much looking forward to SiriKit and MessageKit becoming available. Many of the apps Coherent develops are well suited for conversational user interfaces, and ability integrate those into the two features of the platform that consumers either use a lot, such as iMessage, or is an organic way to interact with your phone will only help with adoption and stickiness — conversely reducing churn — of the apps with end users.

Of course only time and more real-world experience will tell for sure, but we think that better support for natural way to use your device and lack of significant compatibility issues will make iOS 10 a great release. As always, our experts are standing by to help identify and address any compatibility issues that may creep up, or help create new innovative user experiences that leverage iMessage and Siri for your apps.

Meanwhile, go ahead and go directly to the source: http://www.apple.com/newsroom/