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Architecture Assessment Services_CoherentSolutions

Solution Architecture

Great architecture is invisible

The moment problems appear in the architecture marks the moment your capability is being compromised.

We help you:

Leverage legacy technology investments
Appraise cost-benefits across evolving solutions
Incorporate best practices and proven experiences
Align with key business drivers
Eliminate unnecessary risk and unexpected cost

Start with the end in mind

Senior architects apply our exclusive assessment tool to determine a complete picture of your architecture’s maturity and to devise essential steps to move forward. Briefly, we assess…

Business value to align architecture for long-term return on investment
Architecture & design that leverages our experience with hundreds of customers over decades
Security & compliance that ensures best practices are architecturally integrated
People & process reviews to empower team goals across the architecture building process
Maintenance & support to facilitate organization efficiency, operations and integrations
Availability & disaster recovery to reliably meet system service level agreement (SLA) requirements

Apply our six-step process

We translate assessment discoveries into practical, actionable steps that align technological trends, industry best practices and your business goals

Identify Patterns

  • Determine fundamental schema among software systems
  • Identify patterns to strengthen architecture quality

Define Architecture

  • Define layers
    • Data Sources
    • Data Access
    • Business Services
    • UI
  • Determine approaches for implementing cross-cutting concerns
  • Map use cases and business requirements to layers

Perform High Level Design

Define logicalservices andcomponents withfull traceabilitybetween analysisand design artifacts

Map Physical Architecture

  • Map design elements to infrastructure components such as servers & databases
  • Determine if infrastructure will be self-maintained, private cloud, public cloud, etc.

Identify Frameworks & Toolsets

  • Identify frameworks and toolsets to implement common functionality
  • Improve productivity
  • Enhance quality

Plan Quality Attributes

  • Validate and plan realization of quality attributes:
    • Performance
    • Scalability
    • Reliability
    • Maintainability
    • Testability

Mentor and maintain

Architecture quality and consistency are far from “plug-and-play” across the IT industry. We can mentor your people as well as your systems for invaluable, hands-on support.

We needed a partner to develop a solution. This required a range of resources and the ability to get a major project done in an aggressive timeframe. That’s why we went to Coherent Amy Junge | IT Manager at Christensen Farms

How we do it

Like anything that starts on a drawing board, developing software products takes planning, orchestrated execution, and constant communication and quality checks

Development Processes That Work

Coherent Solutions provides resources and expertise in an accountable process across the software lifecycle including system architecture definition, design, development, testing, DevOps, ongoing maintenance and enhancements. We can do it faster, more productively and at higher value than other service providers to meet or supplement your needs. Read more

Full Stack Technology

Our goal is to help our customers create business opportunities and solve business problems through technology. With hundreds of developers and 20 years of experience as a company we’ve pretty much seen it all in technology. Read more

Information Security

Coherent project teams work with your IT and InfoSec teams to assure that your specific security requirements are fully met.  We design a customized security plan for each client to anticipate issues and mitigate risk while addressing any potential security gaps. Read more

Software Development Delivered Globally, Managed Locally

We use a team of locally based Service Delivery Managers to enable a high level of connectedness between our customers and our development teams.Coherent’s Delivery Managers are accountable for the customer experience and focus on the only thing that matters — the customer’s success. Read more

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A Practical Guide to Architecting_CoherentSolutions

A Practical Guide to Architecting

Like an artist staring at a blank canvas, a politician starting with a clean slate, or a land developer overlooking a new piece of property – the green field that an IT manager faces at the beginning of a new project can be both energizing and scary.