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Business Intelligence

Jump To Data Solution is Simple as 1-2-3 Architect a Data Warehouse Flexibility + Skills Trusted Tools BI Resources

Data solutions as simple as 1-2-3

To compete in today’s environment, companies strive to boost their performance by leveraging the right information at the right time. Unfortunately, that information lives in the messy world of disconnected spreadsheets, databases, applications and systems.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to make better-informed decisions based on intuitive and timely access to the data you care about? Coherent Solutions can help in three steps.

Define Data, Reporting & Analytics Needs_CoherentSolutions

Define Data, Reporting & Analytics Needs

  • Identify Data Sources Volume; Variety; Velocity
  • Define expected data availability (day/hour/minute)
  • Define reporting and analytics requirements Reports, dashboards; Self-service reporting; Analytic models; Delivery methods
Define Hosting Solution_BI_CoherentSolutions

Define Hosting Solution

  • Hosting Options On-premise; Cloud (private/public); Hybrid solution
  • Hosting to support Classic data warehouse; Big data ecosystem; BI platform needs
BI Capabilities_CoherentSolutions

CSI BI Capability

  • CSI BI Experience and expertise Architect; Design; Develop; Test; Deploy; Upgrade/maintain BI solution

Architect a data warehouse

An enterprise-wide data warehouse integrates all your disparate core applications and fragmented functions. Use us to engineer optimal data access that is standardized for analysis, as well as flexible, scalable, and reliable.

Coherent Solutions services help you:

Extract tangible insights
Choose appropriate toolsets
Implement high quality solutions
Unlock practical value

Success Story Spotlight

Bluestem Brands_Success Story_CoherentSolutions

Bluestem Brands

Retail BIG data collector pulls sillo-ed information together into integrated data warehouse to drive better business decisions

Flexibility + Skills = Success

Partner with Coherent Solutions to gain competitive advantage through BI solutioning or Coherent’s ala-carte services. Architecture. Data Modeling. Development, Quality Assurance, DevOps, Administration

Road Mapping / Assessments

Define strategic fact-finding pathways, such as vendors, tools, technologies, methodologies, and standards.

Data Warehousing

Build flexible, scalable and reliable single source of truth in your organization that delivers standardized and intuitively modeled data for analysis purposes.


Enterprise-wide static reports and dashboards, self-service data exploration, distributed through web, mobile and API.

Cloud BI

Leverage major cloud service providers (Amazon, Microsoft) to provide flexibility in storing and processing large amounts of data.


Standardize and automate data flows from disconnected spreadsheets, databases, applications and systems into target data storage.

Big Data

Intelligently utilize all 3Vs: Volume, Variety and Velocity. Manage petabytes of structured & unstructured data: pure text, CSV, video and photo files. Flexibly process data, with batch to real-time performance.

Maximize trusted tools

The benefits of business intelligence are only as good as the technology experts and processes that structure them. Coherent Solutions strives to produce an infrastructure that responds to changes, is affordable, scalable, maintainable and easily utilized for limited operational cost. We apply tools and expertise so that your data provides insights, not just transactions.

SQL Server Integration_CoherentSolutions
Microsoft Azure_CoherentSolutions

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Coherent’s people are bright, engaged and ambitious… eager to solve problems. We knew we could rely on them to work through anything. Jayme McBride | Director of Business Intelligence at Bluestem Brands
Coherent Solutions BI Starter Kit

Coherent Solutions BI Starter Kit

The Coherent BI Starter Kit is a proven, phased management and technical framework that helps companies implement BI systems with highly predictable outcomes and manageable costs.