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Cloud and DevOps Services

Make your software fast, efficient, and stable. With complete support for your AWS and Azure cloud environments and applications, you never have to worry about downtime again. Coherent Solutions integrates DevOps from the very first moments of the product delivery lifecycle. The result is significant improvements in product quality, which translates to meaningful business outcomes.
Cloud Infrastructure Management

Core Services

Companies that implement DevOps enjoy faster deployment cycles, quicker recovery from failures, and better customer service.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Your cloud infrastructure management impacts performance in many ways, including system resilience, security, and efficiency. Our process includes adapting your configuration management practices and release process to create seamless connections. In this way, we can architect the perfect system for the cloud, whether it’s public, private, or hybrid.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Design and implement continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) strategies for your software development project. Our DevOps team will help you enhance existing builds and integrate and test processes within your company. Additionally, we’ll choose appropriate tools and technologies for automation and provide support during every stage of project delivery.

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code

Improve your team’s ability to develop stable environments at scale with infrastructure as code. By avoiding manual environment configuration, we can automate routine administrative tasks and enhance system performance. This leads to safe and efficient change management, scalable virtual infrastructure, and better overall customer satisfaction.

Configuration as Code

Configuration as Code

The configuration as code (CAC) model helps you avoid manually configuring and updating system components to ensure fast, cost-effective, and risk-free delivery. Coherent Solutions’ experienced team of DevOps engineers will help you leverage CAC to architect scalable and reliable IT environments for your software.

Monitoring and Alerting

Monitoring and Alerting

The key to ongoing success and good system health is identifying trends that highlight underlying issues. Our DevOps engineers will implement automated system monitoring and alerts to provide full visibility into the health of your software systems. Then, we’ll analyze the metrics to provide detailed reports and suggestions for improvement.

Security Incident Response

Security Incident Response

Quick response to security incidents can make the difference between a minor issue and serious problems. Our DevOps team will implement all the necessary security components and establish procedures to detect, respond to, and limit the effects of a security incident. The result will be a secure system designed to mitigate risks related to possible cyber breaches.

Planning with an IT Infrastructure Audit

Cost Reduction Planning with an IT Infrastructure Audit

As time passes, your cloud infrastructure becomes more complex, and the law of diminishing returns begins to take effect. An unbiased IT infrastructure analysis can help you identify the issues that are increasing costs and hurting efficiency. Our team will conduct an in-depth audit to identify IT optimizations and recommend ways to decrease IT infrastructure costs.

How We’re Different

DevOps as a Service

DevOps is more than technology and process. It’s a culture of transparency and open collaboration that software companies build to create high-quality applications. When development and operations work shoulder to shoulder, they improve efficiency and create a competitive advantage for your company. Coherent Solutions can help you to decrease project costs and infuse your team with expert skills. Our DevOps engineers will architect an IT environment, develop a scalable cloud infrastructure, and automate your software delivery pipeline with ready-made automation frameworks. Additionally, they’ll ensure security and flexibility by using custom scripting based on Ruby, Python, PowerShell, bash, and other popular programming languages.

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Coherent Solutions’ UX expertise allows us to use the tools that are best for your organization. Our UX tool set includes:

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Eliminate the unnecessary by leveraging our team’s diverse experience. Since we’ve worked in everything from finance to fitness, we can use industry knowledge to speed up ideation, eliminate inefficiencies, and get to execution faster.

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