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Its Time to Go Headless eCommerce

Get ahead of your competition

In order to stand above your competitors and truly leverage the competitive advantage you have built for your business or product; you need to provide a perfect user experience for your customers and partners.A solution based on a traditional eCommerce platform is fine for many organizations. However, in order to present your business in a unique way, and tightly integrate your online presence with the rest of the systems you use to run your business, to provide the best of class customer experience, you just need to go beyond that. Most eCommerce platforms allow certain amount of customization and personalization through settings and themes and add some additional capabilities through a set of plugins, but your solution is still going to be limited to the by the architecture of the overall framework.At Coherent Solutions we have the domain and technical expertise to create complex integrated e-commerce solutions that bring together top-notch user experience, integration with your ERP, CRM, PIM, MES/MOM and other custom line of business applications.

We start with selecting the right front end technology stack for web and mobile

Progressive Web App
react native
React Native
to build a beautiful and compelling user experience. We would then select and leverage of several industry-leading e-commerce platforms in a “headless” mode to create a solution that is flexible, cost-efficient, integrates well with your business systems, and yet is truly unique for your organization:
react native
Finally, we will integrate the rest of your business applications, to name just a few:
react native

Benefits of a Headless E-Commerce Solution

Whether you need to reach your customers across multiple sales channels or well-developed network of resellers and partners, allow customers to easily purchase your products and services using mobile or IoT devices, voice assistant and chatbots, or precisely target your offerings to specific consumer demographics and preferences, an e-commerce solution that leverages a headless platform enables you to achieve those goals. 
DevelopmentSolution is constrained by the features and capabilities of the selected full stack e-commerce framework.Typically, any new functionality requires changes across front and back end stack.Ability to use any technology stack, framework or library that is able to consume platform API. Changes are easily made independently or core functionality.Without any prescriptive UI framework everything needs to be designed and implemented from scratch.
User ExperiencePredefined experience for user and administrators.Customizations are limited to capabilities of theming engine.Full control over user experience.
FlexibilityCustomization capabilities are highly coupled with overall back end framework architecture.Unlimited customization that can be implemented independently from the back end.



Quick adaptation to your organization’s needs and speed of development
Speed to market
Optimal omnichannel UX - including multiple devices, form factors, and platforms, existing web sites and blogs, social media, kiosks, voice assistants, IoT, and many more
Ability to integrate all your internal systems for a true end to end consumer experience
Engaging digital experience
Ease of maintenance
Customization and Personalization
A/B testing & Marketing Automation
Flexibility and Adaptability = Futureproof
Easily support multiple locales around the world

Advance Your e-Commerce Game

Coherent experts work with our clients to define and implement the solution that fits the needs. Whether the organization is new to e-commerce or has been using a traditional platform for years, we can assess the current state, identify and document the requirements for the future, and create a roadmap for how to get there.
For an organization that is new to e-commerce, we will work from the clean slate to define a best of breed technology portfolio that achieves organizations goals. Coherent will support both a new implementation and a migration

New Implementation

Analyze current and desired future state of your business
Map out your business processes and flows
Identify and prioritize desired capabilities
Select appropriate technologies
Create necessary proof of concepts (POC) and proof of values (POV) to help validate the decisions and get all stakeholder to buy into the process
Create an implementation roadmap
Iteratively plan and execute on the roadmap milestones


Identify the gaps in capabilities
Expose issues and challenges preventing the digital experience from reaching its full potential
Architect and implement a solution that addresses those shortcomings.

Solution Architecture

A well thought through solution will bring together all the components of your business:

Is Headless E-Commerce right for your organization?

How do you know if headless e-Commerce is the right technology direction to evaluate for your organization? A few questions that will help:

Is your organization facing rising customer acquisition costs caused by lack or non-optimal digital experience?
Is your development team struggling to implement advanced functionality and integrations in your existing e-commerce solution?
Are you seeing dropping conversions in traditional channels and need to be able to support your users to transact on any screen or even without a screen?
Do you have vast and diverse product catalog, which could include highly customizable products with a variety of options for customers to choose from or provide just in time or on-demand manufacturing?
Do you not only sell products but also services and a standalone offering or to complement your product along with product and service subscriptions?
Your organization leverages multiple channels to reach your customers
Your brand is truly content-driven
You would like to integrate advanced technologies such as AI and AR into the digital experience?
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Coherent Solutions eCommerce Solutions

Leveraging a headless eCommerce platform for your online presence provides the following advantages:

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