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Mobile App Development

For the past 12 years, Coherent Solutions has built industry-specific mobile apps that deliver business outcomes. This deep experience has made our developers adept at full lifecycle mobile development. We can create, integrate, and leverage features in your applications and enterprise architectures that amplify business results.
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Core Services

Mobile devices have transformed virtually every aspect of modern life, but it can be hard to keep up when mobile technologies, features, and functionality are continually changing. Coherent Solutions can help you take advantage of this rapid change without encumbering your business. We employ a wide variety of tools to enrich native and cross-platform performance.

Native iOS Applications

Native iOS Applications

If you need optimal productivity and a flawless user experience, choosing native apps is the key. Our expertise and adherence to best practices enable us to deliver a wide range of iOS apps, including wearables, smart TVs, and others. Our developers strictly follow Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and other UI standards to solve usability and performance issues.

Native Android Applications

Native Android Applications

Create commercial-grade mobile apps that amplify your company’s multi-platform, multi-device strategy. After developing Android apps for more than a decade, we’ve gained the expertise to quickly release your product on the market, ensure that it incorporates enterprise-grade security, and has an excellent, user-friendly interface.

Xamarin Mobile Development

Xamarin Mobile Development

Fully experience the possibilities of Microsoft’s powerful mobile development tools. By using .NET and C#, we can speed up the development of cost-effective and high-performance native apps for Android and iOS. As a Xamarin Premier Partner, we use Microsoft’s mobile development tools to create user-friendly interfaces that can leverage any platform’s API.

Hybrid Mobile Applications

Hybrid Mobile Applications

Hybrid mobile apps help you achieve the optimal combination of user experience paired with the agile development cycle. This combination helps you build fast, cost-effective, and scalable mobile applications that save development hours and reduce costs. Our services cover all the key areas, including development, testing, and support processes.

How We’re Different

Mobile Software Development for Your Business Needs

Coherent Solutions delivers a wide range of mobile solutions for B2B, B2C, and B2E systems. We help our customers meet their business goals, delivering high-scale customized mobile solutions across every vertical from e-commerce to healthcare.

Featured Competencies

Innovation guides all of our development projects. To that end, we keep up with the latest tech trends to provide solutions that align with emerging technologies. Here are just a few of the technologies we use to turn opportunities into business outcomes.

augmented reality

Augmented Reality

iot icon

Internet of Things

artificial intelligence icon

Artificial Intelligence

biometric authentication

Biometric Authentication

geo location

Geo Location and Indoor Navigation

wearable solutions

Wearable Solutions

Versed in Industries

Broad Experience for Focused Software

Eliminate the unnecessary by leveraging our team’s diverse experience. Since we’ve worked in everything from finance to fitness, we can use industry knowledge to speed up ideation, eliminate inefficiencies, and get to execution faster.

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