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SQL Server Integration

Due to a lack of a solid, single source of truth data storage, many organizations struggle with an inability to analyze data coming from multiple sources. These sources include, but are not limited to, current and legacy operational systems, vendor data, and third party services with the data coming in structured and unstructured formats. A properly designed data integration system helps to consolidate these diverse sets of data in a centralized environment to deliver business critical data on time.

SQL Server Integration Service_CoherentSolutions

Coherent Solutions helps customers overcome many of the complexities associated with data migration and integration. We help you optimize your data migration & integration solutions and processes in all areas of SQL Server Integration Services including ETL Design, ETL Implementation, & ETL Testing and we provide whatever support you need for the delivered solution.Our experience allows us to deal with such challenges as varying data types/formats, different information update mechanisms, and inherent data conflicts while working on design and implementation of ETL processes to deliver a scalable and maintainable solution. Once design and development is complete, we ensure that all necessary documentation is created in order to transfer the solution to your team. Documentation artifacts include technical architecture, source to target mappings and transformations, data models, data flow diagrams, test cases, and code best practices for high performance and sustainable solutions.

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