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Coherent starts small, earns way into bigger role with Videology

In an industry that sprouts dozens of new competitors a year, and drives just as many out of business, Videology ( is thriving. The successful advertising technology company has grown into one of the world’s largest video advertising platforms, working across all types of video screens (online, TV and mobile) to match brand messages with targeted consumers. The company leverages the power of BIG data, using math and science-driven analysis to provide advertisers with optimal performance, increased ROI and accountability.

Coherent Solutions works primarily on Videology’s Demand Side Platform (DSP). This system allows Videology’s marketing clients to gather and analyze large amounts of third-party data and then access advertising inventory to reach those audiences – in traditional, reserved buying scenarios as well as through real-time bidding. This fast-paced, highly competitive business relies on evolving technology and constantly updated data. It is not for the faint of heart.

Starting small

Coherent Solutions got its foot in the door with Videology in 2012 – five years into the company’s history. As an offshore software development supplier, it was not easy to get their attention.

“I get a lot of solicitations from vendors who want to partner their offshore teams with ours,” explained Anand Natrajan, Sr. Vice President of Engineering at Videology.

“But Coherent Solutions struck a chord with me. They offered some specific advantages like proven success developing commercial grade software, as well as an Eastern European time zone that overlapped with our day, and good English speakers.”

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Initially, the Coherent team was given simple tasks, like fixing bugs. Project Manager Dmitry Petruchenya recognized that the way to grow with Videology was to do an excellent job at every level, and look for opportunities to add value. The team found their first opportunity when working on Videology’s multi-language engine. The existing system took each translation element individually, and entered it in just one place. Because the same element could be used over and over again, there was a huge amount of duplicated records in the database, which slowed down the system’s performance.

When Dmitry’s team brought this to Videology’s attention, they agreed to let the Coherent team develop a new language engine. The new architecture reuses translations, reducing the number of records by four or five times. It also automates downloads of untranslated records, as well as the uploading of the translated versions.

Proactive approach works

Having earned Videology’s trust, the Coherent team began to grow in size and stature with the company. Videology Chief Technology Officer Ajay Sravanapudi noted that, “When we went through a vendor evaluation I found the Coherent team was committed to our success. They were eager to dig deeper to understand our business. That’s important to us. When our IT partners ask questions and think about how our customers use our products, they are more valuable to us.”

Just two years later, Coherent is truly a partner to Videology. Members of Videology’s tech team have traveled to Minsk to meet with team members at Coherent’s development center there. Likewise, a number of Coherent Minsk employees have spent time in Baltimore to learn Videology’s business and systems. Skype and conference calls happen multiple times every day, knitting the teams together even more tightly.

Today, Dmitry Petruchenya oversees four teams – each with four developers, a business analyst and a quality control specialist – all working full-time on Videology’s software products. Never static, these products are constantly adding new information and features.

“We continue to look for opportunities to add value,” Dmitry said. “With each new change or enhancement we ask, ‘How will this affect the overall product?’ Or, ‘What are other possible behavioral flows?’ And our developers do self-testing too. This keeps a lot of bugs from entering the system, and it makes our QA specialists’ jobs a lot easier.”

Win/win for Videology and Coherent Solutions

Videology’s Anand Natrajan summed up his company’s current relationship with Coherent Solutions. “Today we have a true partnership with Coherent. Their teams are tightly integrated with our in-house teams. I have worked with many outsourced teams over 15+ years, and I’ve found Coherent’s people to be smart, proactive and willing to adapt and adjust.”


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