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#Business Intelligence

Using Bi Tools to Get More from Your Data

Massive growth in an organization will inevitably result in two things: acquiring vast amounts of data and having to figure out what to do with it. This data could be invaluable for businesses. From planning big sales and advertising campaigns to staffing departments and retrieving information for accounting purposes, BI (Business Intelligence) processes can help...

BI Solutions, How the IT Sector Responds to the Problems of Modern Management

Complex management systems are what distinguish modern tech businesses. The complexity of managerial interactions within organizations is increasing. This requires more efficiency and transparency for the decisions taken at multiple levels of management and across the organization. Management needs smart tools to link leadership’s goals and logic for decisions taken in the company. They also...

Feature Driven Development for Data Integration

If you ever had to do enterprise-level development for large data integration projects, the term “feature hell” is not foreign to you. I’m sure you’ve come across a case where separate teams work on a few features of a larger initiative in parallel: “Yellow Elephant”, “Pink Snake”, and Green Hippo”, for example.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 vs Parallel Data Warehouse – Decisions, Decisions…

One of our clients, a major provider of managed healthcare solutions requested Coherent Solutions BI Practice to provide a position paper that compares two approached to data storage. While the results were shared with that specific customer in detailed form, we thought they would also be interesting to share in abbreviated form for the general public in our blog.

Leveraging In-Memory Database for Real-Time Reporting

IMDBs have been on the market since early 2000's. These days there is a great variety of vendors offering IMDB including big players like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM. This is a sign of both maturity and success of this technology. In this blog I'll explore one scenario where IMDB can be extremely helpful: real-time reporting solutions.

Making a leap from DW to Big Data QA

It is no secret that Big Data is one of the hottest buzz words in information technology. It is becoming commonplace for companies to look to Big Data technologies to expand or replace traditional data warehouses.

Flexible delivery management keeps Coherent Solutions relevant to constantly evolving Bluestem

Bluestem uses big data to understand and service their hundreds of thousands of customers, and Coherent Solutions has been integral in helping the company capture, analyze and use that data in a business intelligence system.

BI in a Nutshell

BI is within your reach! How BI can help your organization? Check out our infographic and be aware of some capabilities in the space.

Uploading test data to AWS’s Redshift

Coherent’s automated solution saves time and effort. Some of you may have read my previous blog post comparing IBM’s Netezza with AWS’s Redshift performance. Now I want to share some details of pushing test data into Redshift and what we’ve come up with at Coherent Solutions.

Advantages for automated testing in Business Intelligence far outweigh disadvantages

Advantages for automated testing in Business Intelligence far outweigh disadvantages: Reliable/repeatable/reusable; Better quality software; Fast; Long-term savings. These all jump to mind when talking about automated testing in Business Intelligence. In most cases, automated testing makes sense for BI.