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#Commercial Grade Software Development

8 Vital Tips For Software Product Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur with a great software product idea, you already know you’ve got plenty of challenges getting your product to market. Jumping one hurdle just brings you up against the next one. Financing, sales, marketing – it can make your head spin!

Determining the real cost of software development

As a custom software development company, we get plenty of questions from prospects about our people, our processes, technologies we use, etc.  We can answer honestly and forthrightly about all these things – and we do, in our website, sell sheets, case studies and more. But the most challenging question we get on a regular...

Coherent serves as the tech engine that allows software start-ups to compete

Our story at Coherent Solutions is firmly tied to our clients’ stories. Our accomplishments and successes follow theirs. Some of our proudest stories involve helping smart entrepreneurs with innovative software ideas to compete on a global scale with limited resources. By partnering with Coherent, these emerging businesses have been able to build market-changing commercial grade software while limiting the overhead and risk that come with hiring their own highly skilled workforce.