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#Mobile App Development

Custom Mobile Development with Flutter – What is This Emerging Technology?

Cross-platform development has needed a more efficient development framework for a while now. Wrapping native platform controls along with a little cross-platform abstraction or building apps as though they were websites to be viewed through a native app works, but both those methods take more work than they should. Streamlining the development process has to...

Native or Cross-Platform? A developers perspective on things to consider before entering the mobile market

The Mobile app market is growing exponentially every year. It spreads across many industries, from entertainment to healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce, and others, attracting billions of users by its simplicity and convenience. To keep up with this wild growth of competition, many businesses decide to advance their services by creating customer-facing mobile apps. If your business...

Custom mobile application: development & costs

If you’re considering developing a custom mobile application (app) for your business, you might be wondering what the cost is and how the cost is arrived to when budgeting. After reading this, you should have a better understanding of not only what to budget for, but also of the variables within the cost of building the app.

Mobile strategy for your business application

Components of a viable business strategy for mobile development

Mobile application development is exploding. Research firm Gartner Inc. estimated that by 2015 applications for smart phones and tablets would outnumber PC projects by four to one, and Forrester Research predicted that the mobile app market will grow to $54 billion by now.

How should you develop your mobile app?

Well … that depends Mobile app development is hardly new. Everyone is doing it – to the point of developing mobile applications before actual websites. And as mobile connectivity has abounded, various ways of creating applications to use whenever and wherever have proliferated too.  We are often asked which method is ideal for developing a...