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#Project Management

Talk about things other than work to get work done

As a project manager, I am always thinking about my project: the schedule, the budget, and the endless issues that come up. And the more I work on mastering the discipline of project management, the more I tend to focus on tools and processes like Jira, which helps greatly as I track workflow, organize issues...

The dual loyalty dilemma for consultant project managers

Every successful software project starts with business goals. The first question a project manager asks is, what are these goals? You are expected to know, archive and incorporate these goals into your project. This is where a consultant PM can get confused, because in fact s/he is working for two organizations at the same time:...

Take a wise approach toward documentation

While reviewing a lot of project plans, project charters, reports and other types of documents, I see the same mistake over and over again. PMs create documents in a prescribed, formal way just to get them done. And why not? Spending hours compiling multiple pages of information – what could be worse? I’ll tell you what – reading these documents if they are done badly!

Constraint Based Project Management

If you’ve asked a project sponsor which of the triple constraints (scope, schedule or cost) is the most important for their project, then you already know their answer, right?

Organize your day

What does it mean to be a good project manager? To me it means to be 110% productive each day, spending every single minute at work bringing value. The biggest challenge for a PM is to be effective while multitasking. Every project manager has 20-30 pending tasks in his/her backlog everyday in addition to regular meetings...

Managing change positively

Changes, they are everywhere. Our modern world brings changes to our life more and more often. Sometimes we like them, sometimes we don’t. But we have to keep up with these changes to keep pace with modern life. The same goes for projects we are managing – we need to keep improving to meet changing market demands. Try to recall how you managed your projects five years ago, three years ago, and even last year. Did you manage things differently? I know that I did!

Managing would be so easy . . . if it weren’t for people

Even if you have not been in the military, you probably have a good understanding of the command system. If your commander says, “Jump!” You say, “How high?” I’m sure it has occurred to plenty of managers that their lives and jobs would be a whole lot easier if they had that kind of authority. You wouldn’t have to find a way into the hearts and minds of every team member in order to get him/her to work effectively.

Communication in project management

Recently I was driving my car and thinking about a current project and what I need to do to bring it to another (better) level. As I thought through different scenarios I had a break-through – project management is sooooo simple. Really, I mean it. Let me explain…

Managing a project for success

Whenever I’m faced with a shiny new project, I greet it like a new toy - exciting and full of opportunity. I always hope that this is going to be the perfect project, where everything goes smoothly, the customer is happy and my development team enjoys the work...