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#Service Delivery Management

Ensure project success — even before a line of code is written!

You’ve successfully navigated sponsorship for your project, budgets have been approved & contracts have been signed. Now what?  The change management surrounding your project is critical to its success.  With Coherent Solutions, you’re not alone!  We guide you through this process. Before your project officially kicks off, you have an often-missed opportunity to prepare your...

Careful listening pulls a team and a project together

Sometimes delivery management is as much about listening as anything. Coherent Solutions’ Delivery Manager Renee Pellinger applied her listening skills when she took over a project with Daikin Applied, the systems and controls division of HVAC world leader, Daikin Industries, Ltd.

The difference between service delivery and account management

Growing a business is about fostering trust and relationships, not pushing a product. The goal is to demonstrate the value of your product and build a relationship with your customer. When your main goal is your customer's success, your own success follows.

Working at the axis of client expectations and product delivery

Client needs, budgets and timelines are usually clear. Expectations are less clear. Similarly, software development teams have technical skills and tools at their disposal, but team cohesion and synergy are harder to define. Coherent Service Delivery Managers work at this axis to understand and bring clarity to unstated goals and issues. They apply: Interview techniques...

Best Practices of Service Delivery Management

At Coherent Solutions, we recognize that our success can only come after yours. And the way we assure your success is through a highly developed delivery management system...

Service delivery management is critical in successful software projects

Everyone in software development can point to a failed project that should have worked. It had all the right components including solid infrastructure, the latest technology, capable people and proven processes. On paper, at least, everything was right.