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#Software Development Outsourcing

A Roadmap for Successful Outsourcing. Part 4.

Managing relationships is never easy, but managing them across oceans, time zones and with language and cultural barriers . . . Well, let’s just admit that it is challenging. Yet managing a supplier/partner relationship is as important to success as any technical skill. More projects are derailed due to communication failures than any other single reason.

A Roadmap for Successful Outsourcing. Part 3.

Having read the first two parts of this blog series of four, and now continuing with blog 3, I gather you have weighed the plusses and minuses, done your due diligence and put out an RFP. So how do you make an educated, sensible decision on the best supplier for your organization?

How did Minsk, Belarus become the “Silicon Valley” of Eastern Europe?

I get this question a lot. After all, many Americans could not find Minsk on a map, let alone describe its industrial base or economic strengths. But it’s true. Minsk is a powerhouse of software development capability, which is how we at Coherent Solutions are able to continue growing our development center there. The reasons...

A Roadmap for Successful Outsourcing. Part 2.

Even if it is not your first consideration (and it often is), rate is always a factor when looking offshore for software outsourcing help. As with most things, you get what you pay for and you have to know what you are looking for in order to make the best buying decision. But keep in mind that hourly rates are just part of the equation when calculating outsourcing costs.

Signs of outsourcing trouble & how to avoid them

Avoid these pitfalls when outsourcing your software development project Talk to anyone who has outsourced IT, and you are bound to uncover a horror story or two. Budgets gone wild. Poor quality work. Deadlines missed. And while much has been learned since the earliest days of outsourcing, there are still pitfalls and bumps to be...

A Roadmap for Successful Outsourcing. Part 1.

Most organizations will cite one or more of the following reasons when asked, “Why do you outsource your software development?” Read the blog post to learn more...

Psssst . . . Here’s the secret to great teamwork

Yet as organizations have become more global, teams have grown more dispersed, dynamic and diverse. Collaboration has become more complex. But by choosing to incorporate teamwork into your culture, you can apply the focus, discipline and accountability that make for great teamwork.

Trust: The holy grail of outsourcing relationships

Buying custom software development services, especially for the first time, can be confusing and difficult. You may be unsure of exactly what you need, and you may feel the software supplier has the upper hand in negotiations. After all, they have done this before and know how to structure the relationship to their own advantage. You may fear that you won’t be aware of an imbalance until months down the road.

Roadmap to successful software development outsourcing

Is outsourcing right for you? So assuming that offshore outsourcing is a viable option for you, there are a number of other issues to consider as you determine where, how and who you will use to help with your software development.