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Coherent Solutions is a world-class technology consulting and software development outsourcing company driven to deliver uncompromising quality. We use technology to champion your business expectations. We collaborate, innovate, listen, and measure. Put simply: we do more for our customers to be a notch above. Find out how we do it

Our team has extensive experience developing web, rich
internet, mobile applications, and integration solutions.

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Exceptional people improving the way software is built by bringing together global expertise, innovation and creativity – that's Coherent Solutions

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Commercial grade software development

Unlike vanilla, back office IT applications, the stakes of software in the environments where we work are high--uncompromising quality standards, demanding release schedules, and little appetite for risk from a software development company that can't deliver. Since 1995, we have helped large enterprises, software vendors, and technology startups save development, testing, and maintenance costs, and bring products and complex applications to market faster. We’ve helped hundreds of clients across a diverse set of industries including retail, healthcare solutions development, farming, and fleet management software development to name a few. Learn More

Agile experience

Coherent utilizes Agile software development as its standard methodology with over 75% of the company’s software development outsourcing projects using some flavor of Agile across a wide variety of environments. It’s Coherent’s experience that Agile’s emphasis on teamwork, collaboration, and tangible results is the most effective way to organize distributed offshore software development teams. Learn More

Architecture expertise

Coherent provides architecture assessment, development, and mentoring services to help clients leverage legacy technology investments, appraise cost-benefits across evolving solutions, incorporate best practices and proven experiences, align with key business drivers, and eliminate unnecessary risk and unexpected cost. Our expertise is proved by satisfied clients such as Bluestem Brands with its retail industry business intelligence system. Learn More

Full lifecycle capabilities

Coherent Solutions is a software consulting company that provides resources and expertise in an accountable process across the software lifecycle including design, testing, ongoing maintenance and enhancements. We can do it faster, more productively, and at higher value to complement or supplement your needs. Coherent’s software development outsourcing model delivers superior results because it uses its industry leading delivery management to create strong integration between its teams and the client’s organization. Check how we helped our healthcare clients in regression testing automation: Starkey, HIMSA. Learn More

Throw it over the wall

Unlike other vendors, Coherent Solutions does not believe in so-called “throw it over the wall” offshore software development projects. Companies are encouraged to interact as much as possible with the delivery personnel in the Minsk Development Center throughout the course of projects to help ensure that the final result solves their business needs. This integration reduces knowledge transfer durations, increases efficiency, improves quality, and facilitates the flexibility needed to react to changing dynamics. The following picture illustrates the difference in how information flows on Coherent Solutions’ engagements as compared to other outsourcing firms. Learn More

Culture of commitment

Inserting a group of “outsiders” into a client’s existing team to help meet some very ambitious software development goals is no small challenge. For our clients, it works because we understand the importance of demonstrating both technical and relational competency at all levels of the organization. We work hard to develop and maintain close and productive relationships founded on mutual trust, respect, commitment and accountability. We make sure that we understand what your firm needs and expects, and we’re committed to helping you deliver on time, on task, on budget. Learn More

Communication issues

Coherent’s clients consistently report they encounter far fewer communication issues than are experienced with other software consulting companies. Coherent believes when communication is frequent and open, problems are confronted head-on as they emerge which keeps schedules and budgets on track. By constantly reviewing the project and its progress, team members are always being held accountable. In a positive team culture, this translates into pulling together to resolve issues, meet deadlines and make everyone's job easier. Learn More

U.S. delivery/project managers

Coherent Solutions uses experienced U.S. and European resident Delivery Managers to work with customers. These Delivery Managers don’t merely relay communication back and forth. Instead, they work with the team leads in Minsk to leverage metric-based management techniques to provide customers transparency to the productivity of their team and the quality of their deliverables. As such, Coherent Solutions Delivery Managers maximize customers’ visibility and control over important technology initiatives. Learn More

Half day overlap with your team

Coherent’s Minsk team members’ regular work hours are until 12 Eastern / 11 Central providing more opportunities for real time collaboration with clients. Learn More

High attrition

Our team averages ~12% annual attrition unlike Indian offshore software development providers who frequently average over 25%. This results in more stability on your teams leading to higher productivity and better quality. Learn More