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Commercial Grade Software Development

Coherent Solutions is a custom software development company providing custom software products and consulting services. Since 1995, we have helped large enterprises and software vendors save custom software development costs and bring products & complex applications to market faster.

Software Development Delivered Globally, Managed Locally

Our transparent model for software development projects includes a U.S.-based delivery manager who assures tight communication and alignment between clients and globally dispersed cross-functional, software development teams.

Michelle Epshteyn

Business Analyst
Michelle Epshteyn

Ilya Stupin

Solutions Architect
Ilya Stupin

Vadim Bartlov

Delivery Manager
Vadim Bartlov

Jeilah Kanake

Project Manager
Jeilah Kanake

Erin Wright

Business Analyst
Erin Wright
ISsoft is our name in Belarus.
ISsoft is a wholly owned subsidiary of Coherent Solutions.
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Wildflower Health Mobile App

Coherent builds mobile software development product for Wildflower Health using cross platform HMTL5 technologies. Free, direct-to-consumer app paves the way for funding to create enterprise versions.

Wildflower Custom Software Development Success Story_CoherentSolutions


The goal of the application is to reduce the healthcare costs and improve outcomes through increased education and engagement of expectant mothers during their pregnancies


Needed proof-of-concept to attract investors and enterprise clients.

Unique Value

Coherent Solutions created a consumer version of the mobile app in just ten weeks. Within a year, Wildflower had 50,000 users and plenty of data to support its enterprise concept.

Our Coherent team is very responsive, and everyone on the team contributes to thinking through feature implementation. I appreciate when they offer alternatives and explain why something might work better this way or that. They don’t throw up barriers; they present us with choices. Kathy Bellevin | Wildflower Health Co-founder

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