Our Engagement Process

Partnership Governance Engagement


The foundation of all engagements, Partnership encompasses the vital aspects of Engagement Health, Team Health, Strategic Plans, and Assessing Impact. By fostering a strong collaboration as a digital product engineering partner, we ensure a collaborative and transparent relationship with our clients, focusing on shared goals and objectives.


Sitting atop the Partnership, Governance establishes a framework for success through Accountability, Communication, and Continuous Improvement. By defining clear roles, responsibilities, and communication channels, we ensure streamlined operations and effective decision-making throughout the engagement.



Consisting of three key steps, Engagement is where the work is done to turn vision into reality.


Assign team Onboarding plan Knowledge acquisition

  • Vision

    • Business model
    • Priorities and goals
    • Success criteria
  • Requirements

    • Determine roles/skills
    • Assess skills
    • Location requirements
  • Solutions

    • Assign team
    • Onboarding plan
    • Knowledge acquisition

Available Models of Engagement

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