Evgeni Gordeev

In his role of Application Architect and Team Lead Evgeni is responsible for the development, testing, and maintenance of web applications, coordinating the development team, applying advanced knowledge of new web technologies to create a robust and intuitive user experience. He does his part to ensure the team adheres to coding, architectural, and security standards as defined. Evgeni proactively participates in all facets of an agile development cycle, including product and sprint planning exercises, daily scrum sessions, design and build systems, and organize testing in banking, finance, and insurance domains. He has relevant hands-on web development experience, including exposure to web development, and Java/JEE experience proven with Sun/Oracle certificates.

The on-going war between JEE and Spring framework

A little history

It took five years after the Java language was born for the enterprise version, J2EE, to arrive. Dubbed “Java Evil Edition” at the time, it was a nightmare to work with, causing a huge demand for optional lightweight solutions to replace it. After three years Rod Johnson came through with his revo...