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How is the hiring process carried out?


Apply for the job

Tell us more about yourself in your CV and cover letter. This will help us understand your skills, experience, and interests better.



Usually comprises two parts - the "Soft" part with the recruiter, hiring manager, and tech team, where we discuss your personality, challenges, and expectations from a new job; and the "Tech" part with tech interviewers, where we ask general/specific tech questions, cases, and coding if needed. Occasionally, the position may require additional steps, such as an interview with the project or client team.


Get an offer and welcome on board

If everything goes well, we will extend an offer and welcome you on board! We are excited to have you join our team and look forward to working with you.


  • How do I apply for a role?

    Search for the job on our Career page using filters and keywords. Once you find a job that matches your interests and qualifications, click “Apply,” fill out the online application form, and click the “Send CV” button. You will need to upload your resume and leave comments if needed. You also have the option to attach a cover letter, portfolio, or other supporting documents.

    To apply for a role, navigate to our Career page, use filters and keywords to find the desired job. Once you’ve identified a suitable position, click “Apply,” fill out the online application form, and click the “Send CV” button. Next, upload your resume and leave comments if necessary. You can also attach a cover letter, portfolio, or other supporting documents.

  • What happens after I’ve submitted my resume?

    After submitting your resume, our recruitment team will review your application. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further evaluation. The SLA (Service Level Agreement) for the response depends on different factors such as the number of applications and your promptness in responding to additional questions from the recruiter, etc. On average, this process takes 1-3 business days. Rest assured that every application is thoroughly reviewed!

  • What if I do not find the best opportunity?

    If you don’t find the ideal opportunity, you’ll receive a message where you can upload your CV. We’ll stay in touch and notify you of potential opportunities in the future.

  • Am I eligible to apply as a former employee and want to be part of the organization again?

    Absolutely! We take pride in welcoming back many of our former employees. If there’s an open position that aligns with your interests and skills, feel free to reapply. The application process remains the same for everyone; refer to the previous answer on how to apply correctly.

  • What benefits do you offer?

    We offer a comprehensive benefits program that prioritizes the well-being of our employees and their families. Our benefit package includes both Global Benefits, applicable to all locations, and Local Benefits, which may vary by country. Review the job description and contact the local recruitment team for more information on benefits in the country you are applying to. Information about our Global and Local Benefits will soon be available on our Career page. Stay tuned!

  • Can I work remotely?

    Yes! We offer remote work to accommodate the individual needs and preferences of our employees at Coherent Solutions. Every employee has the opportunity to work remotely from another country if their current project has no geographical restrictions. The duration of remote work in another country is subject to the laws of the country of employment and the country of stay.