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Korey Berg

Director of Marketing

Korey has over 10 years in digital marketing and IT experience with emphasis on Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Graphical content creation, and Web Development. Korey garnered his education from the University of Minnesota, Cornell University, and vast experience in the technology space since the 90’s.

How headless e-commerce helps you build faster and smarter

After a grueling 4,800 hours, your development team finally finishes the newest application for your organization. But, leadership wants to make some changes to the front-end design. The news hits your team like a grand piano. Not only is this news soul-crushing, but it means extensive changes to the front- and back-end systems. Who knows...

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How DevOps can help your organization better adapt to the cloud

Fifty years ago, you would have had a hard time finding any “high-tech” gadgets in an office building, other than telephones, mechanical calculators, and TVs. While technology was important to businesses back then, they weren’t built on technology. Fast-forward to today and try to imagine a day in the office without the internet. If you’ve...

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How Salesforce analytics improves executive decision-making

What happens when organizations base decisions solely on what they’ve done in the past? Blockbuster happens. Instead of noticing a market trend towards digital and embracing it, they famously turned down Netflix’s offer to sell in its infancy. We all know which company is still around today. Making decisions based on past experience is all...

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Salesforce: Investing in an OOTB Platform and Making It Work for Your Business

Customers are the single most important asset of every business. Regardless of how good their product is, a business can’t survive without customers. But, customer relationships have gotten more complex with the rise of digital technology.  Today, companies with vast amounts of customer data, like Amazon and Google, are changing the nature of the company/client...


3 No-brainer Keys to Getting Started With Salesforce

Imagine for a moment that you were in the room with Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs as they worked on the Apple I computer. At the time, it may not have looked like much, but would you have had the vision to see what it could become? I don’t have to explain what would have...


Custom Mobile Development with Flutter – What is This Emerging Technology?

Cross-platform development has needed a more efficient development framework for a while now. Wrapping native platform controls along with a little cross-platform abstraction or building apps as though they were websites to be viewed through a native app works, but both those methods take more work than they should. Streamlining the development process has to...

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How Quality Assurance Helps Your Team Reach Business Goals

Quality assurance (QA) is an irreplaceable component of any business. From the hospital that works hard to ensure its patients are receiving the best care possible to the software development firm doing its best to deliver bug-free software, QA helps make it happen. Most executives would agree that quality assurance is an important contributor to...

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What Does Full Lifecycle Quality Assurance Look Like?

On April 20, 2010, one of the biggest quality assurance failures struck the Gulf of Mexico. The BP Deepwater Horizon rig exploded and dumped 4 million gallons of oil into the ocean causing incalculable environmental damage. How did this happen? There were failures in multiple systems including the cement around the oil well, misinterpreted fluid...

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4 Common Problems With Continuous Integration and Deployment and How to Avoid Them

Implementing DevOps processes on your project is usually a win-win in many regards: productivity, cost-efficiency, time to market and others. However, certain problems can creep in and spoil the benefits that DevOps brings. Two of our DevOps engineers, Michael Sagalovich and Alexander Simonov shared some common problems and tips on how to avoid them.   Most...

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How DevOps Can Help Your Organization Build a Productive Team

If DevOps was a government, its founding law would be collaboration. Without it, the whole thing comes crumbling down. For DevOps to be successful, teams need to understand what’s being built, its architecture, and how the team and its developers will interact with it. Open and transparent communication is at the heart of DevOps. Would...


Hear From Coherent’s Delivery Manager, Vadim Bartlov, on DevOps Best Practices

With today’s market trends, many companies are trying to optimize their continuous delivery processes. Learn from Vadim Bartlov, Coherent’s delivery manager, on why companies will benefit from implementing DevOps best practices.