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Maksim Belov

Maksim Belov

Chief Technology Officer

In his role as CTO Max is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of Coherent Solutions’ technology services. Max has over a decade of software development and technology management experience. He is an accomplished architect and an expert in distributed systems design and implementation. Max holds a master’s degree in Theoretical Computer Science from Moscow State University

App Security: Best Practices for Mitigating Risk

It’s cold this morning in Minnesota so let’s step away to a warmer place. I mean beach warm. Picture it, you’re walking through the sand, the ocean before you. You find that perfect spot for your beach towel, set down your items and you take out your wallet, smartphone and keys. Where do you put...


Top 5 Technologies to Watch in 2019

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Throughout 2017 and 2018, AI and machine learning was becoming more and more ubiquitous in enterprise and cloud applications, helping software solutions make intelligent decisions based on vast amounts of information managed in data centers and the cloud. Advancements in algorithms and capabilities of mobile chips have also made it...

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Machine Learning is easier than you think

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have emerged from the lab to enter the lexicon of the general public – not just techies. Colleges and universities are creating programs on ML, and local technology news outlets are working overtime to educate their readers on the topic and its capabilities. At Coherent Solutions, many of our clients are looking for ways to leverage these capabilities in their everyday business solutions.

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iOS 10 – Things to Expect

With Apple event on everyone’s calendar for September 7th, the media is picking up on a variety of different topics and speculations related to the event. I wanted to join the party for a bit and reflect on what we at Coherent will be looking forward on and after the date.

Mobile strategy for your business application

Components of a viable business strategy for mobile development

Mobile application development is exploding. Research firm Gartner Inc. estimated that by 2015 applications for smart phones and tablets would outnumber PC projects by four to one, and Forrester Research predicted that the mobile app market will grow to $54 billion by now.


2014: The year of the cloud

Coherent moves to a cloud-based infrastructure, advises clients on how to do the same If I were to describe 2014 at Coherent Solutions in one word, it would be: the cloud. Okay, that’s two words. But it would only be one word in Russian – cloud. Russian isn’t as fussy about including articles with nouns...


Ever vigilant about client security

In a post-Target credit card-breach world, we get plenty of questions from clients about the security of their data, proprietary information and more when working with Coherent as a software development partner. Of course we have a detailed guide and set of procedures for creating and preserving security, but clients (rightly so) need periodic assurances that their intellectual property is being handled with the greatest care and security


How should you develop your mobile app?

Well … that depends Mobile app development is hardly new. Everyone is doing it – to the point of developing mobile applications before actual websites. And as mobile connectivity has abounded, various ways of creating applications to use whenever and wherever have proliferated too.  We are often asked which method is ideal for developing a...


AWS re:Invent 2013. Day 3

I spent day three of this conference diving deeper into some of the details of AWS that will be important to Coherent Solutions’ customers. These are: Amazon Redshift; Optimizing the costs of running on AWS; Building HIPAA compliant solutions on AWS. More compelling testimony on Redshift: another compelling real-life Redshift use case was delivered by NASDAQ. Coherent's data analytics expert, Curt Bergmann, will be happy to know that NASDAQ data analysts who use R were very impressed with Redshift performance and capabilities, and how well it worked with R. Amazon Redshift Optimizing the costs of running on AWS Building HIPAA compliant solutions on AWS

AWS re:Invent 2013. Day 2

Today I was reminded that no matter how much we take technology for granted, performance and scalability are still a big challenge. Case in point: Put 9,000+ software, network and hardware engineers into a Las Vegas conference facility and internet access gets scarce. There’s upside to it, however —that endless stream of work emails gets diverted.

AWS re:Invent 2013

Day 1. Keynotes are a way for tech conference players to showcase the latest and greatest product(s) they think will drive their business for the next few months – what will offer significant competitive advantage and benefit their customers. Now, Amazon Web Services may not cater to the same crowd as Apple – plenty of people here are certainly geeks, but many others are enterprise developers working for financial organizations, banks, healthcare companies, etc. So the next bright, shiny thing for them isn’t necessarily a sleek and shiny piece of hardware.

Building Blocks: Practical Tips for Application Architects

How to set up and maintain an application environment on Amazon Cloud using CloudFormation. Over the last couple of years Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) has become the de-facto standard for companies implementing a secure public cloud infrastructure, either as a standalone environment or as an extension of their on-site network. As a member of Amazon Web Services’ Partner Network, Coherent Solutions has been using VPC internally for over two years to readily provision or tear down computing resources as needed. More recently, we have helped a number of clients to securely extend their network out to Amazon’s cloud too.

The true value of the cloud

In my previous blog entry, I talked about the four cornerstones I see as the future of software that will enable exciting changes in our everyday lives: The cloud, which matches computing and data storage needs with capacity. Device mobility which enables software access anywhere. DevOps which is helping to bridge the gap between developing...

Star Trek: Not so unimaginable anymore

Toward the end of last year, the frenzy of running internal IT and providing strategic technology oversight in a company that grew by almost 40% over one year, left me unable to read any more status reports, software specs, business requirements, Gantt charts, white papers, etc...

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