Maksim Belov

In his role as CTO Max is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of Coherent Solutions’ technology services. Max has over a decade of software development and technology management experience. He is an accomplished architect and an expert in distributed systems design and implementation. Max holds a master’s degree in Theoretical Computer Science from Moscow State University

The Ins And Outs Of DevOps Automation

DevOps doesn’t mean much to business leaders. But, efficiency does. As a business leader, you know that when you can deliver faster while maintaining quality, or even improving it, you have a winning solution. What if you could spend 50% more time on new client work? How would your business be impacted? The  in DevOps,

More Than Efficiency: 10 Measurable Benefits Of DevOps

DevOps is the combination of “development” and “operations”. It’s a culture, a way of working, and a form of management innovation that amounts to more than the sum of its parts. There are countless benefits of implementing DevOps strategies. Studies comparing adoption and success rates  in DevOps,

Best Practices For Your Continuous Integration Approach

Minimum time-to-market and maximum efficiency. That’s the goal every business has for their software projects – and precisely what DevOps was created for. However, it isn’t enough to implement DevOps in your project. Many nuances, if overlooked, can cut down the efficiency of your processes. How can you keep your process...

App Security: Best Practices for Mitigating Risk

It’s cold this morning in Minnesota so let’s step away to a warmer place. I mean beach warm. Picture it, you’re walking through the sand, the ocean before you. You find that perfect spot for your beach towel, set down your items and you take out your wallet, smartphone and keys. Where do you put them? In the toe of your...

iOS 10 – Things to Expect

With Apple event on everyone’s calendar for September 7th, the media is picking up on a variety of different topics and speculations related to the event. I wanted to join the party for a bit and reflect on what we at Coherent will be looking forward on and after the date....


Mobile strategy for your business application

Components of a viable business strategy for mobile development

Mobile application development is exploding. Research firm Gartner Inc. estimated that by 2015 applications for smart phones and tablets would outnumber PC projects by four to one, and Forrester Research predicted that the mobile app market will grow to...

2014: The year of the cloud

Coherent moves to a cloud-based infrastructure, advises clients on how to do the same

If I were to describe 2014 at Coherent Solutions in one word, it would be: the cloud. Okay, that’s two words. But it would only be one word in Russian – cloud. Russian isn’t as fussy about including articles with nouns as Engli...