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Valery Shklenski

Valery Shklenski

BI Practice Leader

Valery is an experienced IT Project manager with over 13 years of experience in the industry. Professional services management with a clear focus on achievement of business goals and cost efficiency. He works with Coherent Solutions starting 2006 and focusing on managing BI/Data-warehouse projects

Feature Driven Development for Data Integration

If you ever had to do enterprise-level development for large data integration projects, the term “feature hell” is not foreign to you. I’m sure you’ve come across a case where separate teams work on a few features of a larger initiative in parallel: “Yellow Elephant”, “Pink Snake”, and Green Hippo”, for example.


BI in a Nutshell

BI is within your reach! How BI can help your organization? Check out our infographic and be aware of some capabilities in the space.


Uploading test data to AWS’s Redshift

Coherent’s automated solution saves time and effort. Some of you may have read my previous blog post comparing IBM’s Netezza with AWS’s Redshift performance. Now I want to share some details of pushing test data into Redshift and what we’ve come up with at Coherent Solutions.

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Amazon’s Redshift can be a viable, low cost option for many cloud storage needs

Quite often we get asked to compare different technologies at Coherent Solutions. Clients wonder what would provide the best solution for their business needs and technical constraints. As with most things, there are trade-offs. Recently we were asked about the differences between Amazon’s cloud data warehouse platform, Redshift, and IBM’s data warehousing appliance, Netezza.


Don’t sound the death knell for Waterfall yet

Agile, and Scrum in particular, has become the de facto standard for developing new green field projects nowadays. Organizations of every size, from very small to very large, have reported success with it. According to a survey of attendees at a 2012 Agile conference in Dallas...