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Yury Zhukovsky

Yury Zhukovsky

BI Data Architect/System Analyst

As a BI Data Architect/System Analyst, Yury is responsible for the following items:

  1. Providing a strategic vision of BI data environment;
  2. Guidance and leadership on how best to design data to integrate with technologies;
  3. Establishing repeatable processes related to data assets ensuring high quality data design;
  4. Teams education on topics pertaining to the value of data as an asset.

Making a leap from DW to Big Data QA

It is no secret that Big Data is one of the hottest buzz words in information technology. It is becoming commonplace for companies to look to Big Data technologies to expand or replace traditional data warehouses.

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Why go custom when data profiling?

It is a best practice to start data profiling at the beginning of a data warehouse build-out. I addressed this in my first blog providing a couple examples of how data and reporting can go very wrong if you don’t profile your data carefully from the start.

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Build your data warehouse on a solid foundation with data profiling

We’ve been asked what data profiling contributes to a data warehouse, and once in awhile we even hear that an organization – pressed for time, or trying to save money – wants to eliminate data profiling or tack it on at the end of a data warehouse build-out. This is an appeal to never, EVER, consider this as a time or cost-saving opportunity. In fact, I would argue that data profiling is a key part of any DW/BI project’s foundation.

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