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by Igor Epshteyn

8 Vital Tips For Software Product Entrepreneurs

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The improbable match between Agile and distributed teams

Whether formed with people working cross-country, cross-continent or simply working off-site from home or while traveling, distributed teams have become quite common. This trend will only grow as the nature of work continues to evolve toward bringing together teams of experts and support staff for a particular project, and then disbanding that team as the project finishes and individuals move on to other projects.

5 P’s of SaaS

In 2014, IDC estimated that more than one-quarter of enterprise applications would be offered via SaaS model by 2018, up from one-sixth in 2013. According to Transparency Market Research, the overall SaaS market will reach $164.29 billion by 2022. Many software companies today are in the midst of entering the attractive, yet very different business model. When planning for the investment, there are some critical aspects software companies must consider that are easy to overlook.

A Roadmap for Successful Outsourcing. Part 3.

Having read the first two parts of this blog series of four, and now continuing with blog 3, I gather you have weighed the plusses and minuses, done your due diligence and put out an RFP. So how do you make an educated, sensible decision on the best supplier for your organization?

Roadmap for Successful Outsourcing_CoherentSolutions

Roadmap for Successful Outsourcing

his step-by-step guide includes checklists to help you examine and prioritize your outsourcing needs; recognize the seen and unseen costs of outsourcing.

Mobile Development White Paper_CoherentSolutions

Mobile Development White Paper

This whitepaper covers what technical people need to know to evaluate the readiness of a mobile app strategy and the current and future state of technology for mobile app development.

Development Plan Template_CoherentSolutions

Development Plan Template

The purpose of the document is to outline resources needed to deliver a BI solution proposed, assumptions have been made as well as communicate with stakeholders' scope of work including: milestones and deliverables, schedule, cost, resources, risks.

How to save a bundle with a cloud audit

Cloud services have become ubiquitous in the business world. Organizations from small to large have reduced risk and costs by outsourcing the purchase and management of computing and storage to public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google. The advantages of using the cloud to store data and manage business applications are many:

Patient Readmission Management

Regardless of the future for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), care managers are working tirelessly to enable ongoing, post-discharge, care plans to extend beyond the walls of the hospital. This is especially challenging when discharged patients have high levels of acuity and multiple, chronic conditions. These patients are likely candidates for patient readmission within weeks of discharge.