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Blockchain Panel Discussion Takeaways

What did we learn about the blockchain technology? We hosted an engaging panel that discussed various facts, fallacies, and issues surrounding blockchain technology. There were two major areas of focus. One was to convey information about what makes blockchain different than other data management platforms from a technical perspective and the other topic of discussion...

Celebrating Twin Cities CIO’s and their Influence Around Change

I recently had the pleasure of celebrating  the 2018 Twin Cities CIO of the Year ORBIE Awards, hosted by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. I attended the event with members of the Coherent Solutions team to cheer on our customer, Mike McCullough, the CIO of Be The Match. Congratulations on your nomination, Mike! The charismatic...

Blockchain for the Supply Chain

Playing the Telephone Game Can you remember when you were a kid playing the telephone game?  You’d start with a phrase or a few words and then you’d whisper it to the kid next to you.  This kept going until you got to the last kid and they announced confidently what they had heard.  Inevitably,...

It’s Time to Begin and Lead Your Organization’s Blockchain Discussion

The Bitcoin buzz is more than just headlines about speculators making and then losing millions of dollars in a single day. It’s also about an emerging technology called blockchain. The application of blockchain in your industry is a conversation that is taking place at water coolers and boardrooms alike. Worldwide spending on blockchain solutions is expected to reach...

Innovation is on Fire in Minnesota!

We are excited to sponsor the inaugural Minne Inno #50onFire event January 24th at the new WeWork space in Minneapolis. The fifty businesses or individuals that are being honored are the changemakers in our region willing to take the calculated risks and make the investment in their ideas and ultimately our economy.

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