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Since 1995, we’ve built successful partnerships with startups and Fortune 1000 companies in the U.S. and Europe that include tech, healthcare, fitness, e-commerce, manufacturing, and other industries. What can we do for you?
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Global delivery’s growth is based on real world success

To stay competitive in the modern economy, companies are tasked with finding truly global solutions. From marketing, to sales, production and distribution, everything must now be multi-functional on a worldwide stage. The same is also increasingly true when companies are tasked with creating new software solutions. Today many companies seek a global delivery model to...

Blockchain is redefining these companies, what can it do for you?

Blockchain is grabbing a lot of buzz in our industry lately, but your options for learning more about it can be surprisingly sparse. Sure, you can follow Bitcoin’s value on the market or download a whitepaper on the subject, but all these solutions really do is tell you what blockchain is and how fast it’s...

How does the Internet of Things impact your enterprise?

The idea of a connected home, one in which appliances communicate with one another seamlessly to simplify your life, was the stuff of science fiction a generation ago. These days, however, it’s very real and it’s all thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT). Yet IoT can still be so much more than just a...

CIO Forum Recap & Coherent Thoughts

I had the pleasure of attending the Twin Cities Business magazine CIO Forum on July 17th at the Metropolitan Ballroom in Golden Valley, MN.  What a fantastic venue! This panel event was highly informative, with interesting perspectives from CIOs of diverse companies. I’d like to share what I found to be common themes during the...

Twin Cities Business Magazine’s “Expert Profile” featuring Igor Epshteyn

Why are new technologies and working habits driving traditional workplaces to transform? A: New technologies open new capabilities, new facets of competitiveness and productivity. You can’t win new clients by giving them functional, but ordinary, products. You have to WOW them, impress them, blow them away! Collaboration and creativity drive innovation and ideas. Technology is the tool that enables that.

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