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Business Challenge

Planet Fitness needed our help in increasing speed to market of new mobile features. They aimed to release the second major version of the Clients mobile application in 2020 while also maintaining the current release and providing support.


A dedicated UX/UI Designer was allocated as part of Planet Fitness core design and marketing team in 2020. The collaboration started from defining key personas, their needs, values and goals, and moved to designing user flows, building interactive prototypes and UI library.



The major challenge was to propose UX flows taking into account needs of about 19 user roles with regional differences for an application with 6.3M unique userbase:

  • Key UX flows definition in close collaboration with PF design team
  • Design System development, Figma transfer
  • Multi-platform UX Design (iOS, Android)
  • Integration with fitness trackers (Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch)


  • 150% Increase in unique mobile application installs between April to November 2020 — making the mobile channel the driving strategy in 2020, extending the customer base and revenue.
  • 15% Increase in release velocity in first 6 month of engagement in 2020 — the increased velocity enabled the client to deliver all the critical functionality for 2020.
  • Rated in top 3 for iOS and Android in the health and fitness category for free fitness apps.
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