Roofle Inc. is a leading American brand with expertise in house roof repair, installation, and replacement. The company was established by a team of experts in marketing, sales, production, and software engineering, each possessing extensive knowledge and experience in the home services industry. Roofle’s vision was to leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline the roofing industry, making the process of buying a roof faster and more convenient.

Business Challenge

Roofle faced challenges from both homeowners and contractor companies. Homeowners sought a simplified and digitized process to obtain roof replacement cost estimates in a matter of minutes. Contractor companies required tools to manage leads, calculate initial and final costs, generate offers, integrate the platform with their websites, access a comprehensive roof catalog, customize product costs, and set up cost parameters based on market and location. Additionally, they needed access to analytics and support for the entire sales and ordering process.


Coherent Solutions collaborated closely with Roofle’s Product Owner (PO) and key stakeholders to develop a comprehensive product roadmap for the Roof Quote Pro platform. The solution involved the following key elements:

  • Defined a straightforward AWS design and architecture for hosting.
  • Conducted UX research to optimize the user experience.
  • Created a user-friendly UI tool for easy cloud platform configuration by end users.
  • Ensured quality control at every level through manual testing.
  • Supported the product’s infrastructure in AWS.


The solution delivered by Coherent Solutions provided Roofle’s users with a powerful and unique tool for roof cost estimation, propelling the brand to new heights in the roofing industry. Additionally, it enabled the client to secure investors, manage leads effectively, and gain access to valuable analytics.

Other Benefits:

  • Average time to produce quotes reduced to 40 seconds, a 45x improvement from traditional quoting methods that took between 30 minutes and a few days.
  • Average conversion rate increased by 12%, a 6x improvement compared to typical home services landing pages with a 2% conversion rate.
  • Roofle gained over 500 subscribers across the US in just 8 months, while still building out the core product.
  • A remarkable 40% close rate on product demos, with 489 subscribers and 1,235 demos conducted.

The Roof Quote Pro platform has not only simplified the process of buying a roof but has also revolutionized the roofing industry, making it faster and more efficient for both homeowners and contractor companies. Roofle and Coherent Solutions continue to collaborate and enhance the platform with ongoing features, integrations, and improvements, ensuring it remains a game-changer in the industry.

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