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Seamless Process

Faster, higher-value project delivery

Coherent Solutions ensures efficient, quality delivery by applying expert resources in an accountable process. We can complement or supplement your needs across the software lifecycle: requirements, design, development, testing, ongoing maintenance, enhancements, and more.

Focus on successful practices for software development

You choose pricing options: fixed bid or time and materials
We follow project management controls for detailed status throughout the project
We align our practices to support strong relationships
All hardware, software licensing, and infrastructure is already in place
A dedicated U.S.-based delivery manager is assigned to you at no charge
Team members are dedicated to your project to be part of your team and dig deeper to learn your business

Engagement nurtures relationships

Coherent judges its ultimate value by how many clients return for future work. Coherent achieves superior results because of our industry-leading transparent delivery procedures. We create strong integrations between our teams and the client's organization. Coherent Solutions uses a proven, comprehensive approach for smart project delivery.

Select the project.
  • Identify Options
  • Prioritize
  • Develop Initial Vision
  • Consider Project Feasibility
  • Assess Business Case
  • Align Project Goals
Requirements & Architecture
Define, architect, and plan the project.
  • Define Business Process & Org
  • Gather Requirements
  • Define Architecture
  • Create Domain Model
  • Set Up Environment
  • Create Test Plan
Iteratively develop a working system that meets stakeholder needs.
  • Elaborate Requirements
  • Refine Designs
  • Prepare Wireframes and UI prototypes
  • Develop Software
  • Test, Fix Bugs
  • Evolve Documentation
  • Internally Deploy and Demonstrate
Acceptance & Deployment
Release to production.
  • Final System Testing
  • Final Acceptance Testing
  • Finalize Documentation
  • Train End Users and Support Staff
  • Deploy
  • Beta Test as Appropriate
Maintenance & Enhancement
Operate and support to release.
  • Operate System
  • Support System
  • Identify Defects and Enhancements
Project Management
  • Develop Project Charter
  • Identify Stakeholders
  • Obtain Funding & Support
  • Define Scope
  • Develop Project Plan
  • Finalize Budget
  • Direct and Manage Project Execution
  • Acquire and Manage Project Team
  • Manage Stakeholder Expectations
  • Verify and Control Scope, Cost, and Schedule
  • Report Status and Monitor Risk

Transparent. Collaborative. Agile

Coherent utilizes Agile software development because it emphasizes teamwork, collaboration, and tangible results. We believe this is the most effective way to organize distributed teams. We use some flavor of Agile in over 90% of our projects across a wide variety of environments because it is designed for teamwork and delivers success. The values needed in Agile are well-suited to our highly collaborative and transparent delivery approach. This is especially important since our teams take advantage of convenient time overlaps as they work with North American and European clients.

Transparent Relationships:

Visibility to show product and progress throughout the project
Accountability to conserve the resources on the project
Flexibility to adjust the business direction throughout the project
Predictability for dependable production releases

Coherent's Agile Process

The duration of sprints varies from project to project. However, we generally recommend two-week sprints: long enough to usually complete meaningful work. We further recommend combining 4-6 sprints into a release that is sent to production weighing the duration of a release against the overhead and risk of updating software in production.

Before starting each release, the project team works with the product owner to determine which work items will be included in the release. Releases often contain a mixture of feature, enhancement, fix requests, and professional service request work items. Work items are then distributed across the sprints in the release. The final sprint of a release is usually reserved for regression testing prior to release to production. Finally, we use task burn down and feature velocity metrics to gauge the health of the project.

Coherent's Agile Process

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