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Healthcare Industry Solutions

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Technology to enable your healthcare solution strategy

We help our customers in the Healthcare industry take advantage of the opportunities of a dynamic market while staying in compliance with ever-changing regulatory requirements.

From Healthcare payers and providers in the consumer driven market to digital health startups building new ways to lower costs and improve outcomes, Coherent Solutions has an established track record of enabling innovation.

Patient Readmission Management - Mobile Application Solution

By utilizing mobile technology, we are working with healthcare providers to amplify the continuity of care by connecting reliable and relevant data for both the patient and the provider.

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Personal Health Diet & Exercise

Progress Notes

Physician Orders

Identification Sheet

Exercise Tutor

Vital Monitoring


Technology Solutions for Healthcare Industry_CoherentSolutions

Medication Management


Pictorial Instructions

Initial Fill & Refill Notifications

Monitor Medication Intake

Pharmacy Locator


Rehabilitation & Specialists

Progress Checks


Rehabilitation Instructions

Specialist Connectivity

Network of Care

Primary Care Physician

Home Health

Community Services

Behavioral Health

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare organizations are struggling with digital transformation of their data and their patients’s data. There is a gap between what consumers of healthcare want and what most healthcare organizations can provide

Patient Readmission Management

Coherent utilizes its expertise in mobile technology, system interoperability and data management to help healthcare providers amplify the continuity of care by connecting reliable and relevant data for the patient, the patient’s immediate network of care and the provider. Connect data for timely notifications and alerts, patient medication management, and easy to understand progress on acute patient’s health plan.  Download the PDF with details

Consumer Enabled Health Plan Selection

Coherent Solutions helps to overcome the challenges healthcare organizations face that consumers just don’t understand such as data latency, master data management, data privacy considerations and data security parameters.  Enable consumers to access information that allows them to – research and compare product and service options, gather and share news and reviews via social networks, select and buy your products and services. Download the Health Plan Selection PDF

Network of Care Solutions

Coherent helps close the information gap between patients and all of the healthcare organizations that are part of their care plan. Ensure network interoperability between such organizations as skilled nursing facilities, behavioral health services, and primary care physicians. This allows for a full longitudinal view of a patient across the network of care.

Success Story Spotlight

Wildflower Health Success Story_CoherentSolutions

Wildflower Health

By developing a free, direct-to-consumer mobile app in just ten weeks, Coherent Solutions helped this start-up prove their concept and secure funding to go after enterprise clients

WEX Health Success Story_CoherentSolutions

WEX Health

We helped that company manage rapid growth and move beyond start-up status to become a purveyor of healthcare benefits administration tools worthy of acquisition

BoundaryMedical Success Story_CoherentSolutions


Coherent Solutions doubles BoundaryMedical’s SaaS release rate in three months; quality improves during the same times

Manage through the growing complexity in healthcare

Data Rights and Use / Data Governance / Data Security


Clinical Data



Claims Data



Device Data

Proprietary Formats

Custom Data Formats

Data Integration

Master Data Management

Longitudinal View




Unstructured Data

Structured Data

Data Analysis


Predictive Models

Analytic Trends


Data Enrichment

Append Data

Business Intelligence

Data Presentation and Provisioning

Ad HocQuery

Configurable Reports

Standard Reports

Portals for remote access

Provisioning to other systems for consumption

We are exhibiting at HIMSS17, booth #5293. February 19th-23rd, 2017 Orange County, Convention Center Orlando, FL

Coherent knows healthcare data and related regulations. Their QA team has helped us increase overall data quality in a number of ways. Frank Orr | Chief Security Officer at Rocky Mountain Health Plans
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Patient Readmission PDF_CoherentSolutions

Patient Readmission

Coherent utilizes its expertise in mobile technology, system interoperability, and data management to help healthcare providers amplify the continuity of care

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